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What Type of Motion Sensors Are Available In Wearable Fitness Trackers

Regular use of this fitness tracker helps you attain your weight reduction goals easily. It efficiently tracks your activity, calorie count, sleep, heart rate, etc. to give you weight reduction benefits. This tracker comprises different types of motion sensors that help achieve health objectives.

What is the significance of a motion sensor in a wearable fitness tracker?

Motion sensors help measure a wide range of parameters that includes acceleration, duration, frequency, patterns, and intensity in the body movements. All this data is entered into an algorithm to arrive at conclusions.

Features of a Wearable Fitness Device

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Step counter:

Uses altimeters and accelerometers to compute the steps and overall distance that a person travels in a day.

  • Heart monitor: There are special sensors that identify your heart rate.
  • Calorie monitor: This feature tells how many calories you burn when you walk. It can track the number of calories you have consumed all through the day.
  • Exercise Tracker: This feature tracks the amount of exercise you do daily and how many calories do you burn at the time of exercising.
  • Sleep monitor: Another important feature that tracks your sleep quantity and finds how restful it is.

Types of motion sensors in fitness trackers

  • 3 axis accelerometers

An accelerometer sensor requires inertial measurements of position and velocity to trace movement in all directions.

  • Altimeter

An altimeter is specially designed for those who want to use it in mountain climbing. It has an altitude measurement that traces data at the time of mountain climbing.

  • Gyroscope

A gyroscope helps measure rotation and orientation that is helpful for navigation and correct measurement of angular velocity.


When used rightly, a fitness tracker can help you in achieving your fitness goals successfully and easily. It keeps you physically fit and promotes overall health in a person.