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Why do Companies need to Consider Hiring a Shredding Service Provider?

While it is clear that people need their files shredded, the big question is whether they should hire a professional shredding service provider or purchase a shredder. Companies always ask this question: “Which is the much better option?” The answer depends on what is important to the company, but they will say it is better to hire a professional service provider in most instances. Here are some reasons why organizations say they would be better off hiring professionals and not buying a shredding device.

Less expensive

While it seems less expensive to buy a device and Do-It-Yourself the shredding of files, organizations might be overlooking costs that are not evident at first but will reveal themselves in the long run. 

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Expenses in labor – Time is very valuable, especially when we are talking about labor. If companies purchase an office shredding device, they will need to have a person who can operate it and feed it paper. Assigning an individual to do this task requires companies to take that person away from their main job that may require more expertise and skill, as well as effectively misappropriate funds, so to speak. 

For instance, if an organization has tons of files to destroy, it will take that person at least a couple of hours to destroy those documents with most industrial-grade devices. If companies do the math on their worker’s time spent destroying their documents, their hourly wage, as well as the cost of not getting other jobs completed, sooner or later, they will realize that in-house shredding is an expensive way to destroy files. 

If the company is already paying for this kind of service, why not outsource them to a third-party firm, keep their employees on task with what they are paid to do, and hire a firm to do what they do best – shredding office documents. 

These service providers are trained and more experienced to do this job in minutes, saving a lot of money in labor costs. When considering labor costs associated with operating office shredders, it is a lot cheaper to hire a professional service provider.

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Expenses in Maintenance – When companies purchase shredders, they become responsible for the maintenance of the device. Since you are using the device regularly, it will experience wear and tear and deteriorates over time. The device will become less dependable, will jam regularly, and will need repairs and downtime. 

Downtime means documents piling up, not getting destroyed, and creating an information security risk. Repairing these devices means spending money – funds needed to pay for parts and the person doing the repairs. If a company hires a service provider, the maintenance of these devices is off their back. It is not their problem anymore. Organizations get their files destroyed, and that is it.

More security

Hiring a third-party firm ensures that the company will get the best security there is compared to what office shredding devices can offer, especially with onsite services.

Too much info for too many eyes – The files organizations are destroying should be shredded because they have sensitive information in them, info companies do not want other people to see. Some of these files contain payroll, future business planning, human resources, or other types of private data. 

Organizations trust their employees, but does it bother them they may see their co-employees’ salaries, as well as personal info, as they manually feed paper files to the device? Maybe it would be by sheer accident that they see these things or maybe because they were curious (you can’t stop curiosity, which is human nature), but organizations know they do not want workers to see these types of details. It could result in conflict or internal theft. That is why hiring an ongoing shredding service is the best way to go.

Accidents happen – Another element is human error. People are going to make various mistakes. When it comes to using shredders, it is pretty easy for people using these devices to fail to destroy certain files, leaving the business open to different internal conflicts, theft, or data breaches.

Better for the environment

If the organization is one that looks for an environmentally-friendly solution for their shredding problem, using an office-grade shredder may be an excellent way to go. These devices only produce small amounts of destroyed documents, making it too much hassle for the amount handled for facilities to process. 

By going to a third-party service provider, which usually handles large amounts of documents that they regularly haul to their partner recycling firms, documents will be appropriately recycled, helping organizations with their clean-and-green approach.