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Reasons To Buy A Refurbished Poweredge

The PowerEdge is always worth a closer look, an impressive rack server that has a range of features and benefits. With the Dell power and experience behind it, the PowerEdge is designed to provide that flexibility and expandability for network options, capacity, and memory. There are good reasons to also look at buying a refurbished PowerEdge, as you’ll find that second-hand servers for sale provide as much quality and high performance levels as you would expect to find when buying a brand-new server for a much higher price.

What is it about Dell and the quality on offer?

Faster workloads – The Dell PowerEdge is a popular rack server with many different benefits. You’ll discover it offers highly intensive computing, supporting a range of processors and process technology that provides a faster processing power for those intensive workloads that many businesses rely on.

Large capacity – The capacity of the modern Dell PowerEdge servers means that you have high numbers of internal hard drives and integrated slots that allow for extra capacity where required. This allows for performance-enhancing and in-box storage tiering. 

Scalability and flexibility –Expansion slots offer expandable I/o for enhancement of performance in the data centre. Flexible NIC technology allows you to match the needs of your growing business with the right network at every single step of your journey. 

High GPU performance–Accelerators within internal GPU ensures that there is the option for assisted and accelerated performance in HPC or VDI environments.

Simple management–The PowerEdge has a simple system management system, making it easy to monitor, update, deploy and maintain the server. This simple management process helps to increase efficiencies. 

Choosing to purchase a refurbished or reconditioned server brings with it many benefits. As you can see, the Dell PowerEdge server has a few benefits of its own, and when you consider the life span of a server averages around 10 years, but most company contract servers being used for only a couple of years in most cases, that leaves a few good years of optimal performance and stability to utilise.

Most reconditioned servers therefore end up in comparable or even better condition than some servers that you can buy brand-new. When you consider the vast difference in cost in most cases, this leads to a refurbished server supplier becoming a key part of a growing business and how they build relationships with suppliers. This can help your organisation to have the flexibility and scalability when you need it, without spending big bucks on new servers that perform the same function as a refurbished server.

Refurbished servers provide good quality and great value for growing businesses. When you compare the price of a refurbished, second-hand server with a brand-new server, there is a massive difference. The quality of performance, security, durability, and integrity is often on par though, or you might find that the quality is even higher with a refurbished server depending on the type of work that has been undertaken on it. Suppliers of refurbished servers understand the importance of high-quality work and when you are utilising the power, scalability, and flexibility of the Dell PowerEdge as a basis for the refurbishment of a server, you are onto a winner.