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5 Emoji Symbols to Send to Your Friends

As much as we dislike to admit it, our world is evolving. Change is inevitable and constant in our world. The way we communicate and interact throughout the years has completely reformed. Change is unavoidable, and we must cope with it and become resilient. Excellent communication skills are the foundation for stable relationships and intense bonds.

Sending virtual messages and emoticons go hand in hand. It makes the conversation way more fun and exciting! It adds colors to dull and usual discussions. Sharing it with friends who have the same humor as you is priceless. Emojis is a game-changer for regular talks amongst friends. 

Below is a curated list of the best emojis to send to your friends. When you have these five emoticons in your messages, trust me, it makes all the difference! The inside jokes and comedy you will have are endless. Indulge yourselves with the best conversations with your friends. Life is about creating memories with your loved ones, after all!

Tongue Emoji

Who better to be playful and cheery with than with your friends? A joke would not be complete without this fun emoticon, and a good vibe can uplift your friend’s mood and day. We need more light and positive energy in this world. The tongue emoji is the best way to express excitement and enjoyment. We need to do it more often and not take life too seriously now and then.

Silliness and cuteness are natural for friends to have. There are days when your friends adorably make fun of you, and you cannot help but make this face. Spreading happiness and a sense of fun is free. Let us not forget to make every day delightful! 

Partying Face Emoji

Milestones and achievements in life call for a celebration! Sharing the love and happiness with someone you care about is so much sweeter. Sending a partying face emoji to your dear friends shows you would love to groove the day with them. Let them know that you consider them the life of the party. They would feel flattered and appreciated by this gesture.

Distance is a significant hindrance to celebrate occasions with friends. You can send this emoticon to make up for the lost opportunity and time. You can still make them feel special and remembered. One fun message can go a long way. Do not let space and circumstances stop you from celebrating with your loved ones and hit them up with those fun emojis. 

Ear Emoji

The greatest thing you can do for a friend is lending an ear. Listening to a friend’s dilemma or random stories makes their day. Sending this ear emoticon can help your friend know that you are eager to listen to them. Being a good listener to a friend going through a tough time is essential. It is comforting to realize that your friend is there for you during good times and bad times.  

Letting your friend speak and merely listening is the perfect way to show them how much you care. An ear emoji can also mean that you are ready to hear some juicy gossip from your favorite friends. Either way, this emoticon can be of great use in meaningful conversations with friends.

Fork and Knife Emoji

Time to enjoy a tasty meal with your best friend. Use this fork and knife emoji and hit the send button! To make matters more special and intimate, you can invite them over and enjoy home-cooked meals. It automatically lets the receiver know you are ready to share a delicious bite with them. 

Sharing food with a good friend strengthens your bond together. A good meal plus a worthwhile conversation with your friend is the recipe for the perfect day. This emoticon can also represent your favorite restaurant together. This fork and knife emoji mean that you are hungry and ready to eat. Fill that stomach with the delectable meal with your best pal!

Basketball Emoji

Are you both a sports fan? Are you craving for a good sweat or a workout? Sending the basketball emoji is showing physical activity and exercise. It is good to have your endorphins running, and it can bring you closer to your friends.

Whether it’s a time for playoffs or feeling competitive with your friends, this emoticon is perfect for you. A productive pastime can be beneficial to you and your friendship. Your fitness enthusiast buddy indeed uses this emoticon many times! Hit the gym and burn those calories.

Express What You Feel With Emojis 

Making use of these readily available emoticons is a good thing. Emojis are a great way to express our emotions, and it is an alternative for words. Emoticons display positivity and fun to dull messages. We must remember that who we are is what we say. Let us be mindful and use these emojis with good intentions.


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