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What To Know Before Choosing A Domain Name


A domain name is one of the most important aspects of your website. If you think of your website as your online store, then a domain name is your store’s name. It is your identity, and without it, you can’t be found online. As much as web design is important, a domain name is usually the first step to having a great website customers will want to visit. It is important to choose the right domain name because it helps your brand recognition and SEO ranking. 

Here are important details you should know before choosing a domain name for your website.

  1. Memorable but not Generic:

 Your domain name should be memorable but not generic. It is another opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Make it short, memorable, and definitely not generic. Look out for unique names that represent your brand by making up exciting new names or using a domain name generator. Your website design may keep customers coming back, but a memorable one will help them find you.

  1. Make use of Keywords:

 As you consider a domain name, it’s best to consider one with keywords you want to be known for or that relates to your business. This is because a domain name affects the ranking of your website by search engines.

  1. Use the right Domain Name Extension: 

The best domain name extension to use is .com. It is the most used and easiest to remember.  .net is mostly used for technical websites, .org is used mostly for nonprofits. .biz is another good domain name. However, .com should be your first choice as people are most familiar with it. Avoid odd domain names as much as you can.

  1. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers:

Hyphens and numbers make it harder for people to remember, type, and share your domain name. Also, spammers make use of hyphens in the domain name, thus reducing the credibility of your website.

  1. Ensure the Domain name is not in use: 

When you have found a domain name, check to see that the domain name is not already in use or trademarked. You can do this by googling the intended name and looking through the results. If no one already used the name, then act fast! Quickly register your domain name before it’s taken up by someone else.


There’s no need to panic if your intended domain name has been taken. Domain registers can help you find a good alternative that will fit your business perfectly. Web design is important for any website, but finding the right domain name is an important step to getting your website ready to meet customer needs.


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