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5 Awesome SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

If you want to succeed as a small business owner, you need to find ways to help you with lead generation. One such method is making use of SEO to increase organic traffic to your site. While using SEO for business is not complicated, you may need expert assistance from people who better understand the field. By working with the Oklahoma city SEO company, you can efficiently actualize the following SEO strategies.

Keyword Research

Keyword research helps you understand the needs of your customers by showing you what they frequently search for. Make use of free keyword research tools available online to learn the keywords used by your customers. Once you have a list of most competitive keywords, use them to optimize your site by incorporating them in your title, meta description, and URLs.

Local SEO

When displaying the search results, Google crawlers give high priority to local businesses. That makes it necessary to invest in local SEO if you want clients closer to your location to find you. To succeed in local SEO optimization, you need to take the following factors into account:

Relevance: when a customer types a query on the search bar, Google tries to give the best recommendation based on the provided business information. Therefore, ensure that your details on Google My Business listing are accurate and up-to-date.

Proximity: when filling your Google My Business profile, remember to include your physical address and contact information.

Prominence: how popular is your business? Well, you need to focus on increasing your popularity by getting more positive reviews and overall star ratings as they help improve your local ranking.


Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are a vital part of SEO as they are an indication that sites that link to your website vouch for your content. You can get a higher ranking on SERP if several websites create backlinks to your website. However, getting backlinks is not easy, and you need experts such as Oklahoma city SEO company to help you with link building strategies. The company can use techniques such as creating broken links from companies that link to your competitors and guest blogging.

Creation of Mobile-Friendly Website

Nowadays, many people rely on their smartphones and hand-held devices to look up for information or shop online. This creates the need to create a website that is easily accessible via these devices; otherwise, all your traffic will bounce back. The good thing is that most website builders such as Wix and WordPress have integrated AMP in their software to help you create mobile-friendly pages. If you have little in-house experience in website creation, don’t shy off from seeking external help from experts. That way, you have the assurance that your website will be mobile-friendly.

Quality Content is King

Besides your ‘Home’ and ‘About Us’ pages, focus on creating strong content that answers all your client’s queries. Incorporate a blog page on your website and use it to create useful content for your readers. Post articles that give more information about your line of service or products, and while at it, always remember to include a call to action.

It’s also essential that you create internal and inbound links within your content. Ensure your content meets customer’s demands by carrying out keyword research to help you understand the type of content your audience is searching for. Remember to incorporate these keywords into your posts without stuffing them.

Bottom Line

The above SEO strategies will help you increase your ranking on the search results and increase traffic to your site. As a beginner, they may not be easy to strategize, in which case you need the help of an SEO expert such as Oklahoma City SEO Company.


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