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7 tips for a good domain name for your blog!

One afternoon when I was playing with my daughter, we opened one of the gifts she had on her birthday. She had four little men in her dollhouse. I thought we’d give them names to make the game more interesting and easier.

My first thoughtwas to be easy names for my daughter to remember but I too, to be small and not to have in letters or syllables that she cannot say.

With the same logic more or less, if you are thinking of starting a blog, then you should probably be looking for a small and easy name. Although in time it becomes increasingly difficult to find the perfect name, fortunately there are still some good domains available.

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Why does your blog need a good domain name?

Nowadays, the choice of domain name plays an important role for your presence on the Internet and perhaps is the key to your success in blogging because the first thing that comes into contact with your reader is the name of your blog. 

A basic reason is for your reader to be able to remember it easily so that it can return and reread you without having to remind it of you in some way. Beyond that though, your blog needs a good name because it’s a marketing issue!

What to consider to choose a good domain name?

For the search of the domain name of your blog there are many theories about what is right and what is wrong, but it is good to consider at least the following:

  • What is the theme of the blog? Many blogs have gotten their name from the very theme of the blog. For example, techodom – a website that lists things to buy with 100 dollars or less – got its name by combining the words “technology” and “domination”, with an “o” in the middle. Pretty smart isn’t it?
  • What do you want to accomplish with your blog? Earn money, build your profile, support a business, give information about your hobby or something you are expert?
  • In what style is it written? Humorous, arrogant, descriptive?
  • To which audience are you addressing? To professionals, to young people, to geeks?

Of course, where there are rules, there are exceptions. So surely you will find some very successful blogs that ignore all the above! But it’s good not to go for the exception but for the rule, isn’t it?

7 tips to choose a good domain name for your blog!

Remember, these tips are just instructions. You can choose to follow them or not and simply trust your judgment on which domain is best for you.

  1. Domain length

Smaller ones are better for a variety of reasons. It’s easier to remember, they leave less room for mistakes when we type them, it’s better for word of mouth (online or offline) advertising, they are more visually pleasing (e.g. on your business card) etc.

  1. Easy domain

Most people argue that a domain should be easy to pronounce and remember to dial. Many times the domain has happened not to be easy to find and then we just abandon quickly.

  1. Dot… What (. gr,. com, .net,. org and hundreds of new TLDs)

There are many different opinions about which is the perfect ending for your domain after the dot. The. com is the most popular domain extension worldwide, and if you are addressing a particular audience, such as users in Greece, there is no reason not to buy a. gr. Nonetheless, there are hundreds of new and far more targeted endings, in which you can find your ideal domain free!

  1. Dashes

A good reason that one can buy a domain with a dash (e.g. is because “all good names” has been caught by someone else. Generally, however, it is more difficult for readers to remember the name but a little disturbing to make it spelling. 

The more characters in the domain the more chances of a mistyping. Personally, I don’t mind the one dash but the-domain-they-have-many-dashes-with-confuse-a bit.

  1. Personal names

If recognizing your name in your domain is important, such as for lawyers, doctors, writers, or other professionals, consider using your name as a domain name.

  1. Buy 2-3 Similar domains

It is customary for several users to purchase similar domains from this original to ensure that no one else will use them. For example, if you choose A. gr domain it is worthwhile to get and. com, or if you can still get and misspelled domains, with dash and no dash or other similar logic. This is not necessary, but it can protect you from competitors and malicious use.

  1. The opinion of others

It is worthwhile to ask one – two trusted friends for a second opinion. It’s interesting to see how it sounds to another person other than you.

If you have already created a blog and the domain does not fulfill much of the above,don’t be afraid. It’s not the end of the world

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