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Reasons every professional must have basic coding skills In Python

Python was created thirty years back as a general purpose programming language. Since then, it has come a long way and is now credited for latest developments in the field of development and coding. Whether you’re new to the world of coding or trying to hone your existing skills, learning Python is a boon for anyone and everyone, especially with the leading online Python training platforms like PST Analytics. If you’re wondering about the need for learning Python or you want to start out your journey as a Python coder, here are a few reasons why every professional should have basic coding skills in Python: –

  1. Easy to learn

Python is the most advanced, yet the easiest to learn programming language. It comprises of an understandable and uncomplicated syntax, which make it both user-friendly and convenient to use. So, learning Python is both easy and effortless for the programmers. Beginners, once they get a hold of this language, can enjoy excellent career prospects as Python finds its application in almost all technology-related fields and as a result, Python professionals are in high demand everywhere.

  1. Data science and machine learning

Programmer today are on the look-out for jobs in Data Science because it is a career choice that promises excellent growth potential. In every possible field, data science has many applications, which make it a high-paying and an interesting career pathway. Python’s versatility as a coding language allows the smooth functioning of almost all aspects related to data science. Data scientists have to deal with tons of data (big data). With simple use and a large set of python libraries, it has become a convenient option to handle volumetric datasets and make sense of it. Algorithms are getting more multifaceted each day as programmers are constantly working towards finding the solution for each complexity. This is when they use their Python programming skills to implement the solutions. Also, Python can be easily integrated with other programming languages. The applications built using Python are easily scalable and future-ready.

  1. Web Development

Web development is an evolving field. Internet is now a necessary aspect of daily lives with the number of users increasing every year. Web development is the base for the world wide web as it helps in creating the concept and application of the concept using interfaces. These applications take the help of Python due to its versatility and ease of programming. It can be used in both small and large online or offline projects.


  • Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence has been a turning point in the tech world. Making a  program mimic human activities, providing it with the power to think and make decisions etc. are what comes under the umbrella of AI. Libraries like Tensor flow help in the operation of machine learning and libraries like OpenCV help in recognition of images. The vast and diverse collection of libraries that Python offers finds their applications in all fields.

  1. Libraries

Python is equipped with several libraries and frameworks which enable it to carry out important activities easily. Python has numerous libraries for different needs. Django and Flask are two of the most popular ones for web development, and NumPy and SciPy are popular for data science. 

  1. Multi-Purpose

Python is not limited to any field as such like R. R programming is a prerequisite for data science. Python acts like a multipurpose programming language and allows you to automate, create applications and analyse data.

  1. Jobs and Internships

With the advancement in technology, the popularity of Python has reached great heights. With its enhanced accuracy in terms of solving the complexities, its demand has been increasing. All companies are aiming to get the best coders in the lot, those who can master the art of Python programming. This leads to a rapid increase in the number of coders. The salaries for python developers are amongst the highest in the market and the benefits of being a programmer in data science or machine learning give you an edge over regular coders.

  1. Python is extensible

You can now create a link between different programming languages easily. Windows, Linux and other platforms support Python, which allows you to operate across languages like Java and C++.

Learning Python is important for every professional today because of its versatility and applications in almost all fields ranging from travel and healthcare to the tech world. 

For years, programming languages as soon as they are created have been at the forefront of breakthroughs. Python has transformed the tech world entirely. It has surpassed the popularity of Java and C++, making it the most demanded programming language today.

Python Certifications are highly sought after by professionals for the excellent career prospects on offer. So, if you are planning to venture on the journey of learning Python, you should start as soon as possible. Institutes like PST Analytics will help you in moving ahead; if you’re looking for professional help, you should take that leap of faith and explore a whole new world!