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Top 7 Dating Apps That Will Help You Find Your True Love

Discovering the love of your life in this generation is both easy and challenging. It’s easy because everyone has a social media account to check and communicate with them anytime. Challenging, because you can’t just trust anyone nowadays. But with some precautions in mind before meeting or giving out information, there are dating apps that you can use to help you find your true love.

 You can meet different kinds of people online, and you can strike a conversation and talk about a variety of different topics with them. You can talk about movies, sports, or even discuss the hardware on your computers and talk about the types of ram that your computers have, whether it’s Static RAM or Dynamic RAM.

Happn Dating App

Happn started in Paris, France, back in 2014. Created to help their users make friends with people they met randomly. At first, many people were skeptical about using Happn, but later on, users have suddenly grown, especially in major cities like New York and London. Today, Happn is already available across the whole United States.

The app itself gathered 70 million users and produced 1.5 million new users every month. The primary objective of Happn is to assist each individual who coincidentally in the same place and to have a romantic connection with each other.


Like other dating apps, Tinder made a name for itself for being one of the best dating apps you can get. With a little swipe of your finger on your phone, you will see people and choose your match.

On Tinder, all you need to do is provide some little information about yourself, likes, and dislikes. You also need to create your profile and put some pleasing images of yourself to get more attention from other people, and it’s up to you after that. You can then choose which users you’re interested in by swiping right or politely decline by swiping left. When a user likes you back, the two of you will be matched.


OkCupid provides the most straightforward dating tool features out there. It updates their interface from time to time to give a better experience to their users. They also have a unique feature called Flavors system that will provide faster matches, examples of those flavors system are World travelers, Long Hair lovers, Beautiful Asian, and more.

If you take the premium package, you will have more features like a more refined searching tool and the advantage to see other users who liked your profile. OkCupid also has personality quizzes, Instagram integration, and messaging tools, and other features a dating usually has.


Same as Happn, Bumble targets people who wanted to find people in their local town. Using this dating app, the female should make the first move if two individuals mutually connect. Bumble doesn’t want you to waste any time because they only provide 24 hours to contact the other person or be forever gone.

On the other hand, for same-sex friendships or connections, either of the two can make the first move in the same time frame of 24 hours. Don’t yet think Bumble is very hard on you; they also provide another 24 hours extension.

Facebook Dating App

Some of you might already know this dating app of Facebook since the main app itself is very famous worldwide. The Facebook Dating App was first unveiled to everyone last 2018 and made available to everyone in 2019. The Facebook dating app is to let each find their true love, not for a one-night stand.

To access the dating app, you need to go to the main app, Facebook, and create a new profile for yourself. Your Facebook and Facebook dating app profile is a separate entity, just to let you know. 

More information, you don’t need to worry if you think that the Facebook Dating app will find matches from your original Facebook account because they will not do that. You’ll need to create a new profile in Facebook Dating App for that reason.


Top used dating app by the LGBTQ community. Creating a profile is just simple. You’ll only need to have a username, profile picture, answer a few personal questions, and select what tribe you like most. After doing those things, you’re good to go. In just a few minutes, Grindr will right away find a match for you.

You can use Grindr for free although you will be expecting some advertisement which is sometimes annoying. But if you pay for Grindr Xtra, the premium version, the app will be ad-free, and you will also have new features like selecting numerous tribes and advanced search filters.


Eharmony is one of the oldest dating apps and also the first one to create an algorithm system to make the best viable matches for its users. To start with Eharmony, you need to create an account and answer some relationship questionnaire to have a personality profile that will help find your match in Eharmony.

Every day, Eharmony will give you some matches which you can choose from and pick the one you like most. It also possible to be a premium member which you need to pay for it, but your matchmaking will cover more people and features like having to see people who recently visited your profile.


Using these dating apps in finding the right person will increase significantly. But in the end, even you have a premium account or the best dating app in your hands, but you don’t have the guts and confidence to express yourself to others, you will still fail. Be confident, be brave, be yourself, and you’ll have what you want. Just be careful before meeting anyone online and don’t trust too easily. Not everyone can have the best intentions for you, so make sure to get to know your potential date before agreeing to a meet-up.

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