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Huawei AI Cube, analysis and opinion

Huawei AI Cube is Huawei's smart speaker powered by Alexa, which comes to claim its piece of cake in the growing demand expected during 2019. After using them for a few weeks, this is our Huawei AI cube review. During the last edition of IFA 2018, Huawei presented its proposal for

How to achieve advanced anonymity of the Bitcoin use

With the appearance of a new cryptocurrency the market has been developing proposing new responsibilities for obtaining a wallet. In the beginning, anonymity used to be its main feature. Taking into account all industrial changes and development of business affairs, the situation has changed negatively. All addresses of moving your

Why most companies are avoiding a return to work testing and implementing the hybrid work model

The coronavirus pandemic has forced several companies to shift their approach towards their services to their customers. While some companies have shut down for incurring heavy losses in the process, others are still lingering on to make some profits. However, almost all companies have agreed that the hybrid work system

The Thrills of IPTV and Its Increasing Demand

Internet Protocol Television also commonly addressed as iptv seems to be getting quite popular all across the globe. It offers you a wide pool of contents to view and makes viewing contents more fulfilling and satisfying. Iptv service utilizes propriety protocols, H264 and MPEG4 amongst the few to multicast or broadcast

Do you need YouTube Advertising?

On the off chance that you have to fix something around the house, engage yourself to kill time, or discover an audit on a customer item, odds are you will wind up on YouTube. It never comes up short. Whether you go there legitimately or a video springs up in

Why Instagram Likes Are Important: Do They Still Matter?

Back in 2019, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri claimed the move to hide Instagram Likes. This is to reduce anxiety and stress on users. But remember that even though you cannot see the Likes anymore, they still matter. The IG algorithm still continues to work like it used to. And that

Top 5 IT Tools Every Power User Should Know About or Have

Over the years, I’ve built a number of computer systems. In the past I’d build a new system, because my current one was outdated or I’d look to reinstall everything, because the system was running slow. In rarer circumstances, the system may just stop working, forcing me to either, attempt

Five Benefits Of Hiring A Corporate Secretary In Singapore 

The Company Law of Singapore specifies the need to assign a company secretary. The company should appoint a company secretary within six months of registration.  A secretary's function is necessary, and many businesses prefer to outsource it to corporate secretarial services. During the incorporation companies, some businesses choose to hire in-house

Avoid a DUI in London by Hiring a Private Chauffeur

When you drive after consuming or using drugs, alcohol or similar substances beyond the prescribed limits, the risk of getting yourself under the DUI – Driving Under the Influence law is extremely high. DUI cases could result in financial penalties and even imprisonment or disqualification of driving license. You would