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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics for Professional Services

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Microsoft Dynamics is a cloud-based platform that will give users all that is needed for CRM and ERP in one place. It can help with a more streamlined sales process, give a self-service customer experience, and more. There are a number of benefits of Microsoft Dynamics for professional services.

Connected Operations: Microsoft Dynamics removes traditional barriers that can exist and also unites the back office with the front office so there is one system for managing every aspect of the business.

Insights: Not only does Microsoft Dynamics collect business data, but it also provides built-in business intelligence and analytics for you to use. With Dynamics, there are views into the performance of each project, as well as the company as a whole, and you don’t have to sift through endless detailed reports. This can help you make quick decisions and adjustments can be implemented in a timely fashion.

Social Monitoring: Social activity is important information and can also have an impact on your business. You need to know what your clients and competitors are doing and if they are saying something about your business. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media updates can be delivered directly to your Dynamics feed. This feed can be useful for collaborating and communicating with clients, enhancing talent searches, accelerating the sales cycle, and improving project delivery.

Improve Sales and Marketing Processes: Dynamics will help the marketing and sales team to identify marketing and sales opportunities and help increase revenue.

Better Customer Service: With Microsoft Dynamics for professional services, the customer service team can improve case management since it provides a 360-degree view of their customers. This helps the team deliver effective and constant customer care.

Can Work on a Subscription Model: A subscription model can be far more flexible than capital costs and will lead to significant savings.

Measurable: Microsoft Dynamics can modify the way businesses manage daily situations and customer data. This allows you to scale down or up whenever you need to make changes.

Simplifies Complex Data: It will help change the way business manage customer data and you can say goodbye to silos of information. Instead, you can have data and processes together.

Increased ROI: With the combination of ERP and CRM and any additional apps, Microsoft Dynamics will give insight to employees to make better decisions and it also gives them the tools they need to work on. It provides a data model that is people-centric to make employees work easier, which then enhances productivity. Since Dynamics is mobile-friendly, sales and service teams can access client information anywhere at any time, leading to more productivity.

Intelligence: Microsoft Dynamics has real-time insights, along with built-in predictive analytics, in order to provide valuable data and actionable subsequent steps.

Security: It’s a cloud-based solution that provides robust security and network connectivity.

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