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The best ways to acquire a lot of gold in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (also abbreviated as WoW) is an MMORPG that allows your players the possibility to explore an incredibly immense world where they will have to perform missions, defeat monsters and constantly improve their avatars with a lot of available skills. This MMORPG was developed by Blizzard, a company that has managed to offer an excellent videogame with infinity possibilities that undoubtedly explain the reason for its incredible success.

Like all MMORPGs, World of Warcraft has a coin to make all the purchases in the game, this is the gold. 

World of Warcraft gold is an element that gives the player an incredible number of advantages that stand out over other MMORPG, because with gold, in addition to being able to buy the normal MMORPG (such as weapons, armor, items, characters, among other things), you can also make transactions involving real money, and the most prominent example of this is undoubtedly the fact of being able to pay the monthly fee of World of Warcraft with the same gold of the game, this means that if a player owns large amounts of gold, he can even play WoW without having to pay with his real money, an aspect that shows how far online games have come in the economy. There are also a lot of websites that sell WoW gold for real money.

All World of Warcraft players covet the gold of the game, and for that reason, below is a quick list of the most recommended ways to get large amounts of gold in WoW in a simple way, but it all depends on the player’s skill and patience.

  1. One of the most common ways to make a lot of money on MMORPGs is with making expensive objects, and World of Warcraft is no exception. With the making of epic objects in WoW you can get really useful items for adventure, and with the sale of these newly created items you can get a lot of gold.
  2. One item that can be sold at an excellent price is wild blood (the blood you get through the block of the citadel), this item is not so hard to get, and players pay a lot of gold for it.
  3. Gems and vials have always been one of the most demanded items in auction houses all over WoW, and for that reason it is very advantageous to look for a way to get them.
  4. It’s extremely useful to have an alchemist character, because with transmutations you can achieve many ways to get large amounts of gold in World of Warcraft.
  5. Try to make a profit in the Bastion of Twilight area. To perform this method, all you have to do is play the normal version for 25 players, then defeat all the monsters in the first room, when you finish, you just have to go out, restart and repeat this whole cycle until you get a lot of gold.
  6. Carrying out specialized missions for the hunters is an indispensable method of obtaining gold for all those players who have the advantage of having a character with that ability.
  7. Collecting clothes in Mrs’Vess and in the ruins of Guo-Lai is the most recommendable method to obtain a lot of WoW gold with a character specialized in tailoring. These areas are also excellent for finding rare items with a high selling value.

As in all MMORPG, getting large amounts of money is not fast and requires a lot of patience, but it is hoped that with these methods all World of Warcraft players will get the most recommended way to simply get the very beneficial gold.