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Creating a Tailored Social Media Audit Template and Learning from NetBase Social Media Auditing Tools

What is Social Media Audit

Many people want to create their own social media audit template. They even learn to customize it according to their year’s business goals. However, if you’re going to get the most out of your next year’s marketing objectives, then it will be of great help to capture all of the positive and negative areas of the previous year’s oversites in your social media coverage.

Understanding Profiles

Every company or business looking critically at their social media audit understands the importance of coming to terms with how the present grasp of social media performance can drive the company forward. In other words, the future state of your business depends upon the current state of your social media. If you want to know how you stand about your customer feedback, then you can look to your social media listening. At the same time, if you are looking to understand how your brand will lead you into the future, you do not need to look any further than understanding how your consumers and competitors perceive your brand.

Media Audit Template

The template below seeks to ask those questions which best dictates where a business seeks to understand itself in the present and understand how others perceive its brand. Furthermore, a company can look to audit all of its social media profiles to make sure it communicates itself to others in a way that is unifying to the whole of its vision and mission. Lastly, the business can choose to correct the way others are perceiving it by interacting with consumers through social media. Finally, the template takes into consideration the plans for future growth and expansion that reflect the present as well as the next marketing programs the company has planned.

  • Social Media Profiles-what others already know of your business?
  • Present Projections-where do you hope to take your company?
  • What has been most influential in leading your business forward?
  • Why do people visit your website or blog?
  • What is your brand image?
  • Who are your real followers?
  • What are your plans for future growth?
  • Do you see new opportunities for objective growth?

Using Big Data to Drive Drive Brand Forward

According to the competition, there are specific streams of knowledge that make or breaks a company. In the real world where consumers speak about brands, they have preferences, opinions, likes, and dislikes. Every idea in which a consumer speaks to another consumer has an impact on your business. A successful social media audit will take hold of both the positive and negative effects consumers have on your brand and keep your brand where you want it to be and not where negative feedback would wish to take it. Developing a robust set of social media listening tools that work progressively towards building and developing a sharp image and interaction with consumers is part of what branding means in a social media age.

Learning About NetBase

NetBase has become one of the best social media monitoring suites which provide a whole suite of social media auditing tools made to be used out of the box and applicable from small to the largest corporations. Companies have used some of its successful applications as Coca-Cola┬«, TacoBell┬«, and other Fortune 500 companies. NetBase advertises itself as a company that analyzes social media streams from companies and gives actionable results in “social media sentiment analysis.” A company that can understand the sentiment analysis of consumers behind the data and numbers can begin to understand better why a consumer follows with an inclination for one thing over another. NetBase has worked successfully to help large corporations to obtain real-time data from consumers by its analysis and artificial intelligence tools.