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On previous times, connecting with similar kind of peoples was a challenge with the growth of technology and growth of social media, connecting with peoples have become much easier than before. Applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. has helped many peoples to connect with people of their kind. With addition to these apps now a new application named Iamhere has emerged which is further helping more peoples to connect with other peoples. This application is also helping peoples to connect with places for different hobbies and interest, business, events, social causes and issues, etc.

Iamhere is a kind of hyperlocal social networking site where you can connect, discover, get engaged in your hobbies nearby you, can do things you are interested in, etc. This application is helping to bring peoples, business and Non-governmental Organizations near each other where they can get a common platform to chat, share stories and event information. Whether it’s a hobbyist or a professional or a person is interested in social cause work, Iamhere gives everyone a common platform to connect with similar kind individual.

For individuals looking for other individuals with similar hobbies and interest, just say ‘I am here’ and you are connected to them. Whether you are a guitarist or biker or book lover or blogger, etc. you will definitely get connected to individuals with common interest near you. Make a local community and start connecting.

For individuals looking to grow their business or looking for similar individuals with same business interest, they can find it here. With the help of Iamhere app, an individual can grow his or her business in the local community. Also for professionals like lawyers, tutors, sports coach, etc. can find their students and clients using Iamhere app. This application will help professionals and businessman to expand their business and profession in their local community.

For individuals looking for events like hosting a show, stand-up comedy, hiking events, parties, shopping festivals. Using Iamhere application individuals can find all the required events going on his or her locality. Also he or she can create their own event and invite people in their local area community to join in the event. 

For Individuals who wants to get involved in social cause and civic issues nearby, he or she can find these causes and issues and individual doing them using this application and can get involved in it. You can create your own cause and can collaborate with people in your community. Also with this application you can look for nearby promotions and offers.

Google maps, Facebook, Twitter can tell you about place but not people. Hence this is a good platform where anyone can donate volunteers to non-governmental organizations so that they can deploy those volunteers at the time of need or for any social or civil cause, in events and for professionals and businesses. And individuals can hire those volunteers who are suitable for their job through this application.