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Expect the best Opportunities for the Project Roadmap Now

Your employees are an incredible business lever. Provided you really know how to involve them. We need positive emotions in our organizations, in our companies, in our employees. Different concepts and actions – employee engagement, empowerment, well-being at work have the same ambition: to ensure that each employee is positive, involved, takes initiatives and endorse the company’s goals. In most organizations, this state of mind is found in the governing bodies. And it’s not just a question of compensation. The use of the product roadmap template comes perfect there.

If the management team is engaged, it is primarily because it is in contact with the business model: what could be more exciting than having influence and means of action on sales, communication, brand image, employer brand, recruitments, decision-making? Especially since it is this overall vision that gives meaning to his work and that makes you feel useful.

The same goes for your teams. You have two choices:

Option 1: accept the loss of meaning which results from the division of tasks and compensate with table football and baskets of fresh fruit;

Option 2: (re) put employees at the center of the business model.

If you are rather “option 2”, here are the four levers to activate to make your employees real ambassadors, at the heart of your business model.

Make your employees the first sales representatives of the company

The offer, the product, is what most often unites an organization and what contributes the most to its mission. Your employees must know your offer, your positioning, your targets, your innovations and not just from their (small) window. After the question: “What do you do for a living?” “Systematically follows:” And what exactly is a company doing? At the first, it is easy, for example, to answer: “I am a management controller”. At the second, it can be much less if the business is a little complex or if the diversity of the activity is important. However, it is crucial that employees understand the minimum pitch of the company, the sentence that summarizes your positioning in a few words. so that they speak about it in a homogeneous way and faithful to reality.

Now that they have this material in their hands, give them the opportunity to generate business because they can detect opportunities, in their personal and professional surroundings. It’s good for the business, and it’s especially essential for your teams who realize that what they do, what they sell, makes sense. This creates value, interests and responds to a need. And we, employee ambassador, we am part of “the family” and we can give access to the products or services of my company easily to the people around me, or even give them the benefit of a particular advantage.