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Important features in a childcare app

A child must be sent to daycares or preschool to learn about the basic fundamentals of social life. As a parent, you also need to attend office and other social circles. You should keep an eye on the activities of your child when you are away from him. In doing that, you must take the use of technology. 

Many childcare apps have come into the market and if you read a few things about them, Remini is the best of the lot with many attractive features. You will come to know more about Remini once you read about Remini application review on Getapp. The Remini app offers a unique common platform to the teacher and also the parent to share any picture or video of the child when the child is in the daycares or pre-school. The teacher can create a group of the class or of different children in the class.

She can capture the image of the concerned child and upload it in his or her profile with a comment made of his progress or any part of the chapter they want the parent to give stress or take care of. If the teacher wants to make a particular announcement which she wants the entire school to know, then she can upload it in the common platform of the app and it will be circulated not only among the parents, but also among the students also at large.

This app is available in the markets of USA, UK and Europe and it supports the languages of Russian, Hebrew and English. The most useful application of Remini is that it can educators can share important information with the parents and can also share images and photos of the child on the platform. Users of social media users have crossed the billion mark and hence it is very risky to share your child’s photo over there. But here you can make your child’s image protected and secured by choosing the users only who can see your picture and comment on them.

All the data created here is stored in cloud base and so everything will be retrieved back if the user loses his Smartphone. For the parents the app is priced at $3.99 per month and for an educator or a teacher, it is $15.99 per month. An educator can open multiple accounts if she is associated with more than once school.