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How is AI Reshaping the Future of Digital World

We have come a long way in terms of technology. It is 2021 and technology has become an inevitable part of our lives. Whether it is smart devices or chatbots, we are surrounded by Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Artificial Intelligence is certainly transforming digital marketing strategies with its ability to accumulate data, interpret it, apply it to the world and try to learn and draw valuable conclusions from it. It can be predicted that artificial intelligence will have an indispensable role in the future of digital marketing as it continues to advance. But before we understand how digital marketing is reshaping due to artificial intelligence, let us get a better understanding of artificial intelligence. 

What is Artificial Intelligence? 

To put it simply, artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that is involved with devising smart machines that are capable of thinking, responding and performing activities that require human intelligence. There are four types of artificial intelligence which are Reactive Machines, Limited Memory, Theory of Mind and Self-Awareness. If you look around you will find multiple examples of artificial intelligence such as Alexa or Siri, chatbots, email spam filters, Netflix recommendations, and many more. 

Artificial Intelligence and Digital World

A long time back, when artificial intelligence was new to the world, the marketers were hesitant to adopt it into their business. However, with the passing of time and innovation, artificial intelligence holds a strong position in the present and future of digital marketing. For example, Amazon uses AI to show consumers relevant products based on their past searches. This enhances the customer experience and increases the possibility of purchase. 

Another example is from Netflix, where they use AI to give recommendations for movies and series which heightens the user experience and indulges the audience to dive for some more. 

How can AI Digital Marketing enhance your business? 

  • Artificial intelligence can thoroughly analyze and interpret the data which helps in understanding the buying behaviour of the audience.


  • It enables businesses to improve the user experience by providing the audience with products and services they are looking for. 
  •  AI intelligence can navigate your brand advertising strategy with data-driven analysis. 
  • Numerous tasks can be automated, thanks to AI. This can help in increasing productivity, saving money & time which can be used for better purposes. 


AI Digital Marketing for your Business 

Using AI in your business can transform the way you interact with your audience. Here is how you can implement AI in your business. 

  • AI Chatbots 

AI Chatbots are programs that simulate human-like conversations. They act as your virtual assistant for consumers. Whether it is searching for something on Google or playing your favourite song, the AI chatbot is capable of doing all. AI helps in engaging customers in a better way. Chatbots can be added to websites, applications, text messages, emails, etc. 

Chatbots assist in reaching out to customers and addressing their queries. With human-like conversation, they are capable of answering common questions that customers might have. 

  • Personalized Recommendations

At present, many e-commerce brands are using artificial intelligence to track consumer behaviour, preferences and habits. These insights help the brands to understand their consumers and make suggestions on products and services their consumers may be likely interested in. Knowing the customers’ preferences can better the digital marketing strategy and the brands can promote products that consumers are looking for/interested in. 

The AI analysis is faster and more accurate when compared to any human capability. It figures out what a customer might like by interpreting a massive amount of data. This leads to improving the personalized experience for your consumers and increasing sales. 

To understand how AI works, let’s take a small example of the popular e-commerce platform- Amazon. The AI tracks the buyer’s cart, liked products, things they have viewed, and purchase history. With these algorithms, Amazon recommends buyers their most likely preferred options. 

  • AI Digital Advertising

Digital Brand Advertising is one of the areas where artificial intelligence has been successfully adopted. Whether it is Google, Facebook or Instagram, AI is used across these platforms to provide users with the best experience. These platforms closely study the users and try to analyse different pieces of information like age, gender, demographic, interest and other aspects in order to personalize their feeds with relevant advertisements. This improves the performance of digital advertisements and sales. The AI also helps in understanding where to allocate their budget, which cities and people to target along with many other vital pieces of information. This ensures that the money is being spent in the right direction and best results are being delivered.

  • Email Marketing 

AI is a powerful tool to help personalize email marketing campaigns. The marketers are able to send specific emails that are based on user behaviour and actions. The AI helps in delivering relevant emails, subject lines, recommendations and messages to the customer’s inbox. Some tools can quickly analyse and optimise the campaigns rather than doing A/B testing which can be time-consuming. At last, it leads to getting more engagement and conversions. 


Artificial intelligence has immense potential that can enhance your brand value. New additions and improvements are happening every day in AI to improve the customer experience. Now, AI can also play a crucial role in architecting a website and interacting with customers. AI is here to stay and reshape digital marketing for good. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency that is continuously evolving and incorporating new trends then, Litmus Branding is the answer.