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How to Migrate From MS Navision to Business Central

When you migrate from MS Navision to Business Central, you will need to import data from a file that contains the data you need. However, before you start this process, you should make sure to review the values in the file to make sure they match what is in Business Central. Business Central will automatically convert decimal dates and is leading/trailing spaces to the right format. It will also remove special characters. Then, you can start the migration process by selecting the Import from Excel action.

Reimplementation is a similar process, but instead of starting from scratch, it begins with a database that is empty. It then adds the data points that you want from NAV. This method requires much less moving, since you only need to identify the master records and open transactions. After that, you can separate your data into things that will be loaded through migration code and things that will need to be manually entered.

When migrating from MS Navision to Business Central, you should also consider whether you can upgrade your existing version of the software. Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL are similar, but aren’t the same. Some customizations will be carried over to the new version. But if you’re upgrading from MS Navision to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, you’ll need to consider whether the existing customizations are available on Business Central.

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