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What Do You Use An Arduino For?

The best means to describe what an Arduino is will be, to begin with, what you can utilize it for.

Simply put, an Arduino device is a tool for regulating electronic devices. Think about a pencil. A pencil is a device to assist you to draw or write stuff.

You need to draw or write something down so you can grab a pencil. Same suggestion with Arduino. But Arduino is a device for regulating electronic devices.

If you need to regulate some digital things, then get an Arduino. Yet what do we indicate by electronic things?

Well, let’s define two general groups of “electronics stuff.” We’ve obtained inputs, as well as those, which would be digital tools that gather information.

We likewise have outputs; those would be electronic gadgets that do things.

For inputs, you can think of all the sorts of sensing units available: temperature sensing units, touch sensing units, light sensors, flex sensors, infrared sensing units, humidity sensing units, distance sensing units, to name a few.

You can consider those sensors as input devices, as well as those types of sensing units, which can be reviewed by an Arduino board.

Now outcomes would be points like DC electric motors, servo-electric motors, stepper motors, solenoids, LED indication lights, LCD screens, audio speakers, as well as electric things that have some sort of activity in the world.

So, Arduino can be utilized to check out control outputs and inputs. That’s a type of what Arduino can do, however, how does Arduino function?

So, when we talk about Arduinos, we’re actually talking about three points: Arduino IDE, Arduino Hardware, and Arduino Code.


Initially, we are having the physical part of Arduino that are Arduino boards. There are a bunch of various sorts of Arduino boards. When a person claims an Arduino board, it might suggest a number of different boards.

An incredibly popular Arduino board is called the Arduino UNO. All Arduino boards share something alike: they all have a microcontroller on them. A microcontroller is generally a small computer.

So, when you learn to use Arduino, you’re learning to utilize a microcontroller. The microcontroller is what allows us to read those different inputs, as well as regulate those various outcomes.

When a person speaks of an Arduino board, they are speaking about the physical thing. It is a printed circuit board, as well as it has some electric components on it.

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The Arduino is more than just hardware, nonetheless, it’s also a software program.

There’s this thing called the Arduino IDE, or Integrated Development Environment. This is a software application that you download and install onto your computer, and then you use it to program the Arduino boards.

It’s an entirely free software program, as well as it’s pretty easy to use. It looks a great deal like a full-screen editor. The Arduino IDE is where you write your code that really obtains loaded onto the Arduino board itself.


The third factor in the Arduino trifecta is its code. The code that you create in an Arduino IDE is inevitably what obtains filled onto the microcontroller that gets on the boards of Arduino.

The Arduino code written by you is known as a sketch. The Arduino code itself is primarily a by-product of the C as well as C++ programming languages; however, with some Arduino-specific framework and functions.

So, if you program an Arduino, you’re primarily programming in C as well as C ++ languages.

So, those are the three parts that primarily comprise what “Arduino is”, as well as approximately what it does.


Remember that we claimed the crucial element of an Arduino board is the microcontroller. Now commonly, microcontrollers are pretty complicated to utilize. The individual manual for one is conveniently over 300 web pages long, and it’s full of lots of technological lingoes.
What the creators of Arduino did was utilize microcontrollers as easily as possible. So, rather than simply electric engineers as well as computer scientists utilizing microcontrollers, now virtually any person can obtain their hands filthy on them, and begin building stuff.

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