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Importance of Web Designing & Blurn

In today’s digital era, a powerful website is a must have for any business to flourish. A responsive, user-friendly and engaging website is a prerequisite to attract the audience towards your product or service. Infact, there are many instances where businesses with good products or services have failed to leave an impact, just because of a poorly developed and ill-managed website!

When we talk about websites, it’s important to understand that having a mobile-friendly website is way more important than having a desktop friendly website nowadays, as mobile usage has surpassed the desktop usage significantly all around the globe! It is advisable to have desktop, tablet & mobile friendly websites to enable better traffic flow and conversions.

Why Web Designing Companies?

Web designing technologies keep changing every now and then, and have become so advanced that it’s almost impossible to build a superior website without external help from specialised agencies. 

Building a website involves integration of a lot of complex processes like search engine optimisation, high-quality link-building, integrating secured payment portals, advanced cyber security etc., which makes it almost necessary to hire professionals to do the job like the ones at Blurn, Web Design Agency, Sydney

Why Blurn?

Blurn is a well established web designing agency with over 13 years of experience and expertise in high Cost per Acquisition (CPA) SEO and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). Their websites are extremely successful in SEO and lead generation and conversion of visitors into customers. They strictly follow all the guidelines of Google which enables their websites achieve better SEO and high lead generation and perhaps, converting leads to deals! 

Their free mobile optimisation ensures that your website is mobile or tablet-friendly, which ensures high traffic flow as more than 95% of online searches start through a mobile search. Therefore, it is imperative to have a highly responsive website or app fully optimised for mobile interface, without any loss of information. Professionals at Blurn make sure that your mobile website has a user-friendly, high-speed and easy-to-operate interface that converts visitors into customers, more often than not.  They test their mobile websites using Google mobile testing tools on almost all types of devices to ensure that you get nothing but the best.

They not only design websites using the latest technologies and trends, but also ensure that their websites provide an awesome experience which is captivating enough for the audience. Enhanced user experience is the core of their web designing strategy. They have a proven track record of designing websites with the best of the SEO technologies to ensure that your website displays at the top of the search results all the time. 

Blurn, Web Design Agency, Sydney, offers some really useful freebies when you choose them for your web designing project.


Their Six Free Essential Services with web designing are:


  • Mobile optimisation to ensure that you get to capture 100% of the target audience and do not leave behind even a single potential customer. They will ensure that you get websites that are totally desktop, mobile and tablet-friendly.
  • On-page SEO to ensure that your website ranks high on the search result pages as soon as it is launched. They strictly follow google guidelines while designing your website which enables your website to sit on top of the searches.
  • CRO to make sure that every visitor turns into a potential customer by applying cutting-edge CRO techniques like CTA optimisation, A-B testing, heat mapping and abandonment rate reduction.
  • HTML5 Animation that leaves your users awestruck and in high regard of your brand. They infuse beautiful 3d animations in your website that not only captivate the users but also are so designed to communicate certain info at certain times, that almost all the queries of the user are resolved then and there.
  • Anytime Consultation to their clients which means that you are always welcome with your website related queries which they will happily address and also provide you with additional resources to help you understand better. They also provide a wide range of other digital marketing services which you can take advantage of when you get associated with them. You can contact Blurn SEO Agency for more info on this.
  • Free Support for the first 8 weeks after the launch of your website during which period they will also optimise your website and make necessary changes at no extra cost based on the rankings of the website on search engines.


Apart from this you also get advantage of:

  1. Unmatched R&D as they spend a considerable amount of resources in researching and developing their web design and development technology to make sure that they can design the best website for your business and keep it up-to-date at all times to boost your sales.
  2. Industry-leading talent and training as the professionals at blurn are amongst the best in the world and widely experienced when it comes to Behavioural digital marketing.
  3. Profit-Focus as their priority has always been better ROI and exponential profits for their clients, and it is the core of all the strategies that they adopt.

What will you get?

Let’s take a look at what you can expect when you choose web designing services from Blurn.

  • Creation of Stunning Web Experiences, which will keep your website visitors impressed at all times and in turn, increase your profits considerably.
  • Top SEO Ranks to ensure that you are always there on the top of the search results which will again improve lead generation. This is achieved by using cutting-edge SEO strategies.
  • Maintaining a Gripping Engagement on your website visitors at all times, which will build a great reputation of your brand and increase your sales.
  • Saving Significant Money by providing you industry-leading services cost-effectively, and making sure you don’t fall for useless traps on the name of web designing.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) with the help of best-in-class CRO tools which will help you to further grow your conversion and increase profits.
  • Unparalleled Mobile Experience which will make sure that you can target the ever growing mobile audience and not leave even a single potential customer behind. Remember, 95% of online shopping starts with a mobile search!
  • Complete Transfer of Ownership which will ensure that you own 100% of the code and work without any conflicts, whatsoever.
  • Free Anytime Consultation on anything related to Web, App and Digital Marketing which will enable you to understand the process better and build your faith in Blurn.

Known for their innovative approach at almost everything, Professionals at Blurn take immense pride in introducing innovations in web designing as well, which are:

  • Behavioural Targeting which involves the use of tools to understand the user behaviour and then pitch your product accordingly to give you an incomparable edge over your competitors at all times.
  • Data-Layer Analytics to capture every single detail about each of your website visitors and then use it to optimise your marketing campaign accordingly.
  • A-B & Multivariate Testing to achieve exponentially high response rate from your website visitors.
  • Marketing Automation Integration for significant online sales and/or lead growth.
  • HTML 5 Animation to captivate your audience and further leave them awestruck and impressed with your brand.

Your website is the mirror of your business. The better is the experience of the user on your website, the better will be the growth of your business. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a flawless website, and the facts stated above are a reason enough to give Blurn, Web Design Agency, Sydney, a shot to ensure that your business never suffers because of your website and enables you to reach greater heights!