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Is SEO Worth the Expense?  

How would a small business decide if an online marketing campaign like search engine optimization (SEO) is worth the sometimes-hefty price tag?  Not all SEO campaigns are created equal.  A national campaign, where the competition can simultaneously be across town and across the country is much more involved than, for example, a local-only online marketing NJ campaign.  A national campaign puts a small business’s website in competition with others from around the nation, not just around town.

The decision includes factors such as the startup and ongoing monthly costs balanced against the anticipated increased revenue.  How to estimate the increased revenue?  While there can be no guarantees, it is well-known that sites on Google’s first page will get more “clicks” (visitors) than a website that does not appear anywhere close to page 1.

Increasing the number of website visitors does not automatically translate into more sales but if the website is compelling and attractive to potential customers, the odds favor them contacting the business for more information by calling or completing a web form.  And the biggest difference between these website visitors and say someone who received an email blast, the former was already looking for the goods and services offered by the business while the latter wasn’t even looking for the business in any way.

Sometimes one additional sale per month would cover the costs of an SEO campaign.  Sometimes it will require many transactions to break even.  Either way, a good SEO Service Ahmedabad will bring more visitors to the website and some of them will certainly become paying customers.

SEO skills and techniques are a specialtyand most small businesses are not equipped to perform these tasks.  Landau Consulting, a New Jersey SEO company can help your small businesses increase its online presence and improve the bottom line even if you are not in New Jersey.

This infographic will help you understand more about the costs and benefits of SEO.