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Is Your Business Sinking? You May Be Doing Reputation Management Wrong

For any business, reputation is the key to success. Most consumers will not go to companies with negative reviews. Therefore, there is a great danger of making mistakes that could affect your reputation. This raises the concern of online reputation management. Status Labs is a professional company with many years of working experience in online reputation management.

Online reputation management is the act of trying to shape the perception of your audience by influencing online information about your business. It is a process of trying to understand how people are feeling or what people are saying about your services and taking corrective measures to control the negative story. Here are some mistakes that can negatively affect your reputation.

Making Unrealistic Promises

Your reputation can sink if you make false promises. For example, you can offer a full warranty on your products without first considering whether all the permanent parts are available in your stores. If you fail to deliver what you promised, then your reputation will go down.

Bad Customer Service

Generally, this occurs when you give an expression that you do not care about your clients or you seem not to know how you can help them. When the clients feel that you do not take your time to address their issues, they will lose confidence in you. Ensure that you adequately attend to your clients’ problems.

Irrelevant Posts

Do not post any irrelevant content on your social media pages. Always remember that your audience is the best judge of what you post. Post content that will add value for them.

Not Respecting Timeframes and Deadlines

Your clients’ time is precious. Not respecting their time when you arrange meetings with them or fail to deliver goods on time can harm your business’ reputation.

Politics in Business

Do not bring politics into your business. If you do so, you may end up losing clients who disagree with you politically.

Unsatisfied Employees

It can be caused by unfair remuneration or unprofessional redundancy. That can harm your reputation if these employees decide to express their anger online. You can avoid this by respecting your employees and understanding the laws and regulations that protect workers.

Complaining to Your Clients

You may annoy your clients if you keep complaining to them. Be their problem solver and not a problem creator.

Not Participating on Social Media

If clients want to find you, they look for you on social media. If you are not active on social media, you will be allowing others to manipulate your reputation. You need to know all of the platforms where people could be talking about you and ensure that what people see about your business is authentic.

Benefits of Reputation Management

Increased Sales and Profits

Positive reviews lead to an increased number of customers who translate to sales and profits. If your reputation is good, it means that your sales and profits will increase.

Increased Trust

A business with a good reputation is more trusted than one with a negative reputation. If people do not trust you, your business will fail.

You Will Attract New Customers

If you have a good reputation, customers will be attracted to your products. Such customers want to make sure that they get the services they want from the right business. A good reputation works well to impress anyone who visits your site.

In conclusion, a professional online reputation management company like Status Labs can help you manage your reputation. Do you not know where to start? Partner with Status Labs for a positive change.