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Chatbots: How to build and make money with them

Chatbots have truly revolutionized how we handle our E-commerce businesses. Browse through , and you’ll discover tons of articles on chatbot application. Transactions with clients online, booking appointments, meetings, schedules. Name it, and chatbots can probably make it happen for you.

Today, more and more businesses and big brands are starting to use chatbots to make money. If you want to learn how to build your very own chatbot and monetize it, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll teach how to make a chatbot from scratch so you can start earning through it.

Why Chatbots?

First off, why are chatbots so appealing? What are the reasons why businesses use them? For one, unlike humans, chatbots can work 24/7. Chatbots do not need breaks, sleep, or sick leaves. Thus, they can attend to customer’s needs and provide solutions right away anytime.

Chatbots not only provide customer service and technical assistance, used to make a profit. Chatbots can get customer information from web visitors and process orders. Your chatbot can do most of the heavy work for you without even lifting a finger. Everything you need to make a sale is possible on a well-programmed chatbot.

Choose your Chatbot Builder

If you’re ready to start making money with chatbots, let us begin by choosing your builder. There are a lot of Chatbot software builders  on the web, but let’s take a look at some recommended ones to start with.

It’s important to note that most chatbot builders have free versions and paid ones. You can also subscribe to their paid versions, which has more advanced features — choosing which is your prerogative, depending on your marketing goals.


Botsify is a popular chatbot AI builder because of its user-friendly interface. You don’t need to learn coding to be able to build a chatbot system yourself. Botsify is also optimized for Facebook Messenger and Slack. This kind of optimization makes an excellent audience for your chatbot to market.


Another well-known chatbot builder you can use is ManyChat. ManyChat has a drag-and-drop interface and different tools to drive traffic and sales. That’s why many companies and online entrepreneurs use it.

ManyChat also has tools that can grow your audience. It also has broadcasting to keep your customers updated on promos and discounts. On top of that, it has an automated messenger that sends emails and reminders at specific times and dates.

Live Person

Live Person is industry-leading when it comes to bot development. This Chabot building company has over 20 years of messaging transcript data. It was deemed as the most extensive conversation data set in the industry — no wonder why big companies and establishments use it as their chatbot assistant.

Building your Chatbot for Sales

 Take the time to learn about your Chatbot builder’s features and tools. After that, let’s set it up so you can start using them to drive sales and profit.

Conversation Flows, Greetings, Default Replies.

You may want to start by setting up how you’re going to interact with website visitors and customers. This step is crucial as this will determine how your customers will react to whatever product you’re offering.

Be sure to create professional yet friendly conversation flows. Your intention and goal is to sell them your product and service. But you can make a sale without building rapport with your customers. Also, set up default replies and provide buttons for concerns like product details.

Product Catalog, Checkout, Payment Sequences

The most crucial step. Set up a clean, detailed product catalog. Your catalog must have a clear display of prices and clear instructions on how to place an order. How to checkout and choose a payment method should also be included.

Simplicity and speed is the key to getting sales through a chatbot. The fewer sequences and buttons your customers have to go through to place an order, the better. Online buyers have a minimal attention span. A very complex purchasing funnel can cost you sales. So be sure to make it simple and direct.

Broadcasting and Followup

Lastly, set up a broadcasting sequence to follow up on your abandoned checkouts. Offer upsells to purchasers and provides deals and discounts to capture more customers. You can also set up a broadcasting sequence to offer new products and deals to loyal customers.

Remember, not everyone will buy from you the first time they encounter your store. That’s why follow up sequences are very important. Retargeting audiences have a higher conversion rate than first-time web visitors.


There you have it. Those are some essential steps you have to do to create a sales driven AI Chatbot. Adding an AI Chatbot to drive sales to your business is undoubtedly a must if you want that extra boost in sales. Be sure to explore more tricks to improve your Chatbot game further.