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Key Reasons Why A Website Owner Will Move Their Site To A New Domain

As a website owner or an SEO marketer, there might arise a situation where you have to move WordPress site to new domain. It might be due to a number of things and it can be a significant decision for you to do. Still, the easy part is deciding to move your domain, the hard part is actually doing it.

Most website owners lack the technical knowledge necessary to move their domain. You have to copy all your posts, database, tables, files etc. to your new host server. It might sound easy, but it’s a tedious work. 

Reasons For Moving Your Domain

There can be a number of reasons for moving your website. It is important to consider everything before you decide to move your domain. Some reasons you would really want to move your website to a new one are as follows:


  • Rebranding


In case of many new businesses, one thing might never work out. If you opt for going towards a new direction, you might want to start over with a new name, new logo and even a new website.


  • Penalized Beyond Recovery


If your website has been hit with multiple algorithmic penalties and multiple spam penalties, recovering from them can be an extremely long and daunting process. If your site did not have enough traffic to begin with, you can just start over at a new domain.


  • A Better Authoritative Domain


If you have acquired a new, more authoritative domain of the same niche, you might want to move over towards that domain. This will save your years of hard work in accomplishing your traffic goals.

A Bad Approach

If you are moving domains just for the sake of it and it achieves nothing, then it is certainly a bad idea. Moreover, if you have been hit with a penalty, such as thin content penalty, and you move your domain, it will accomplish you nothing. Chances are you will be hit with the same penalty again at your new domain.

Frequently changing domains will not help you in your SEO and all the redirects made from such an approach may also hinder your overall rankings.

Backing Up Your Files Before Moving

Before you start with your moving process, you need to create a backup of your current website. In order to do this, you have to download all the content present on your hosting servers.

This will help you in moving your website and creating a copy out of it. You will need to upload all this content to your new domain. Secondly, the backup will also work in case you have made any mistake while moving your website. If the process didn’t go as planned, you can just use the backup to restore everything back to its original form.

You need to copy all the content that has been written in the posts and pages, page comments stored inside databases (comprising of various tables), all the static files (comprising of the CSS, HTML and WordPress files) etc. These will help you maintain the same look over at your new domain.

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