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Why a Responsive Web Design is Important?

Responsive web design not only makes your website easily accessible but also gets your business at the top of search engines algorithms. Responsive websites can be used on any device since their design can reformat itself to fit any screen size. In an era where most people use their mobile phones to access the internet, getting your website reachable on a mobile device would be a good idea. It gives website users a good experience and it also gives your website the benefit of having a strong web presence.

Flexibility of the Website

Responsive design is flexible and it can fit on any screen size with any resolution. Therefore, whether you are using your mobile device or your laptop to visit a responsive website, navigating the site will be easy, with minimal zooming and resizing the website.

Boost your Ranking with Search Engines

Search engines such as Google now consider responsive websites and mobile-first indexing to give the highest ranking in search results. Therefore, if you want your online presence to be felt, then you should consider creating a responsive website. A website with the highest ranking in search engine algorithms will likely reduce its bounce rates and increase your rank in search results.

Improved User Experience

In a world where many website visitors use their mobile devices, you need to make your website design more responsive. This will give your visitors a good user experience and they will visit your website more often since the responsive design will make it easily accessible. In business, any web visitor that gets a good user experience will keep visiting your site for more purchases and this would mean an increase in your businesses’ conversion rate.

Cost Effective

The creation and maintenance of a responsive website is much cheaper compared to owning a non-responsive website and a mobile application separately. In case of an update, you will have to update the website separately then make changes to the mobile application. This is quite time consuming and can take up more of your resources. If you want to easily maintain your website without any unnecessary expenses, then you should consider a responsive website

With numerous benefits of having a mobile-friendly website, it is important to find a web designer who will not only create a bespoke design for your brand but also create your website with a responsive design. Your Burnley web designer may can come up with a creative website design; however, make sure they make your website more responsive to accommodate mobile users.

To Summarise a responsive website will have the following features

  • A media query to accommodate devices with different resolutions.
  • The images and text will be flexible enough to fit any screen size.
  • Fluid layout to make the web pages more readable on any platform.