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Learn How an Article Plagiarism Checker can make a Big Difference to your Writing

Whether you are a writer, blogger, student or a researcher, it has always been important to produce original and fresh content. In this online age of readily available information, doing this can be a bit of a challenge. Writers in all fields take information from other sources and include them in their own content. But, presenting someone else’s work as own work, or including information from other sources without citing or giving credit constitutes as plagiarism. 

Not only is it illegal, but also a serious hindrance to creativity, new ideas and innovation. When someone else’s words are copied and repeated, nothing new gets created and nothing further gets added to the larger discussion. Information is not understood and processed, and thus learning takes a backseat. For those who are considering writing as a career, this poses a threat to reputation and future prospects. Search engines penalize blogs with duplicate content, ranking them much lower than other pages.

If you are a writer, an article plagiarism checker could be an efficient tool to accurately detect copied content in your writings. It is a great tool to preserve your work integrity and career. Here’s some ways in which it can help you. 

Crosschecking Against Billions of Online Data

Billions of online data sources like articles, journals, licensed private databases and archives can be checked to see for duplicate content. This is effective for students, who can now scan documents which are not public on the internet. Modern technologies like AI and machine learning can detect wide range of similarities in text, including identical, similar or even paraphrased text. All this can be done in a matter of minutes so that work can be completed efficiently in time.

Scanning Texts in Multiple Languages

Scanning is comprehensive not just in terms of number of documents, but also in terms if multiple languages.  Using an article plagiarism checker you can detect similar texts in more than 100 languages, including Asian characters.

Find Duplicate Files Internally 

Writers can often end up repeating themselves, when they are in business for long. Additionally with so much of content stored in systems, space can become an issue. Duplicate file finder tools can help compare internal documents within private directories, in a safe environment without exposing content to external sources.

Supports All File Formats

Whether your document is in txt., pdf., docx or html format, you can scan everything on a single platform. This saves time and efforts. Moreover, some systems can allow you to scan physical documents as well, by simply uploading its photo on a mobile app. Additional tool integration like MS Docs and Google Docs, helps the system to directly scan documents from within the app. 

Whatever system you are working on, plagiarism checkers can come with open source APIs with ready-to-use code for easy integrations. 

Article plagiarism checkers can also easily integrate with Learning Management Systems (LMS), if you are creating content for such a platform. Results of your scan can be easily seen across all devices, to be shared with colleagues or collaborators. Such tools can give you all the time to concentrate on your writings, without any worry about duplicate content.