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Why it is required to add speaker notes in the PowerPoint presentation?

One of the most essential elements in the PowerPoint presentation is a speaker note. Adding a speaker note in the PowerPoint presentation is a common task of any business presentation. With the help of speak note, the presenter tries to describe the PowerPoint slide to its viewer. However, with the help of such notes the presenter tries to give the basic idea about the slide and there is no need to write the entire story in the speaker notes. But before you add speaker note in the presentation it is very essential to know how to add notes to PowerPoint.

Generally what you are seeing on the PowerPoint presentation is not repeated on the speakers note. It is something extra that you want to discuss with the viewers to give them a better understanding of the slide. You can add speaker notes in the PowerPoint presentation in two possible ways – via PowerPoint taskbar and Note Page view. 

The first method is very simple and can be done from the status bar which remains at the bottom of the PowerPoint screen. In the status bar, you will find Notes and when you will click on it the Note pane will appear. Once the Note pane will appear, you will be able to start typing whatever you need to discuss with your viewers. In the second method, you will have to go to the View tab which is present in the PowerPoint View section. From there you need to click on the Notes Page and start typing those things that you need to write. Sometimes it becomes highly necessary to take the hardcopy of speaker’s note and you can also take the printout of your presentation very easily but before that, you must know    

how to print PowerPoint with notes.