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 Why do we need Rugged Mobile Computers?

With the trend for constant connectivity, there is an increasing demand for equipment that can cope in a variety of different environments.

What makes Rugged computers different?

These devices are different from a normal PC or laptop in that they are manufactured to withstand much harsher conditions.

The design of the cases ensures the ability to withstand a high degree of shock, vibration, and water ingression and will protect the electronics within.

Electronics are upgraded to perform with a high degree of reliability. The design enables them to withstand a higher range of temperature, pressure, and even electronic interference.

By design, the screens are more robust with easier readability in bright environments. They are especially robust on devices that will use a stylus as an input device.

What do we use rugged mobile computers for?

With constant connectivity and the demand for real-time data and information this type of upgraded equipment is growing in popularity. They are perfect for operation in most harsh external operating areas as well as the more traditional interior environments.

Rugged mobile computers are perfect for the Logistics industry. With the ability to scan parcels at every stage of transportation. This ensures that real-time information on the location of consignments is possible.

The construction industry is a user of rugged laptops. With the trend for dealing with documents digitally, it is possible to move what would traditionally be office functions to the construction site. This allows greater flexibility and efficiency.

Company field personnel traditionally would need to visit an office regularly to update computer systems. With the ability to take their office with them on a laptop they can work more efficiently.

We would not at once think of the military being users of rugged PCs, they are however one of the biggest users today. The battlefield has changed beyond recognition over the past fifteen years. The forces and the equipment are much more reliant on technology. Equipment they use must be able to withstand the harshest imaginable environments.

Companies, in general, are starting to use enhanced PCs in a more general environment. Point of sale equipment in shops, hospitals all generate huge quantities of data that needs to be available for their networks to see.

Companies are finding that the superior construction of this equipment alongside ever-evolving software ensures enhanced dependability. The equipment suffers far fewer electronic and mechanical failures. For a company equipment, failure can be harmful. Failure can result in lost data, lost time, and even lost customers.

Cost Advantages

Although this type of equipment is more expensive than more traditional types, they are more dependable and able to withstand most harsh environments. By being dependable over a longer period they have a longer life span. These advantages make them much more cost-effective for all types of user. We can now find Rugged computers for sale by many manufacturers.