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What are the Most Common Terms Used in SEO?

Nowadays, internet is considered a bread and butter for many. The search engine may be loaded with plethora of results and the search engine marketers are trying their best to answer your questions before others do. This is done by the means of SEO service or Search Engine Optimization services. If you are new to this practice, begin by getting acquainted with the most common terms below.


  • 301 redirect


This is a permanent page that passes a major chunk of an original page ranking power to the redirected page. This is also called link equity


  • Alt tag


Or alternative text is included in the HTML code that delineates the look and work of an image on a webpage


  • Anchor text


This makes the text clickable and makes it a hyperlink. It comes in handy in page ranking


  • Backlink


This refers to the incoming links to a webpage. These are more of a sort of an approval from another site rendering them important for high rankings.


  • Black hat SEO


This entails aspects like keyword stuffing, cloaking and hidden text, link manipulation etc. to rank higher than other webpages


  • Cannibalization


This refers to multiple websites ranking at the same place. This is problematic as Google is not aware of what is more relevant. In other words, the pages compete and decrease each other’s rank as well


  • Canonical tag


This tag in HTML code informs the search engine that a particular URL is the master copy of a page. This keeps the duplicate issues at bay. 


  • Cloaking or page cloaking 


This refers to a concept where the content shown to the audience is different than what the crawlers can see. This trick is used to achieve higher ranking. 


  • Deep linking 


This refers to linking the internal pages to achieve higher ranking.


  • Do-follow link


Search engines tend to follow these links and link equity is also being applied to them. 


  • Domain name 


Domain name is the address you type to be redirected to a particular website. 


  • Duplicate content 


Duplicate content are the parts of website that are same or similar to some other websites. This is a red sign for SEO because it makes it hard for the search engine to decide which version is more relevant and hence helps in ranking as well.