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MilesWeb Review – How VPS Server can Enhance Performance

A low performing website is a turn-off! No visitors want to invest their time in waiting for a site to load. It annoys them, which is why they exit the page.

It is the slow business websites that lose most potential customers. The reason could be your hosting. It is not capable enough to hold heavy traffic that you have started to receive. That is why it slows down the site and its pages.

Initially, it is perfect to opt for shared hosting as the website has fewer requirements. As it grows, its needs also increase. The website now requires more resources, more space and better security. In that case, Virtual private server hosting is a great solution.

VPS hosting has the ability to enhance performance and also handle heavy incoming traffic. It can help your website load fast, even if it receives continuous visitors. Moreover, it offers you privacy like never before.

In shared hosting, you share your server space with so many other users. But in VPS, there’s complete privacy. You can fully expand your business with VPS hosting, plus it will provide you with the best resources.

VPS is also known as a virtual private server. The host deploys the machine and creates multiple virtual servers. That means each user owns their own server, but on a virtual level. This also provides them with a fully isolated environment.

For any business, privacy matters a lot. However, in shared hosting, you share the server with so many people that it increases the chances of malicious attacks. Initially, privacy and security is not the concern. But after a while, it is the need of the hour.

You also exceed the resources provided in shared hosting as you grow. It limits the usage and results in a bad performing website. If you switch to VPS, you can enjoy committed resources that you will not share with any other user.

There are only a few best web hosting companies, including MilesWeb. Not all providers are legitimate. If you want a quality VPS server at a reasonable cost, then I think MilesWeb will be the perfect solution. They are not only inexpensive but also provide the best hosting service.

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Services

At MilesWeb, you can get Linux and Windows VPS services. Under both, there are managed and unmanaged services.

MilesWeb’s VPS plans start from Rs. 630/m after a 25% discount. You can enjoy the offer if you purchase any plan for at least 1/3 years. Otherwise, you can go for the regular monthly plan starting from Rs. 840/m.

The difference between managed and unmanaged VPS services is simple. If you are technically good, you can go for unmanaged services. You will have to manage and configure on your own.

However, if you don’t have enough time or lack technical skills, you can try managed services. Managed services mean the host will provide you with 24/7 expert support. Anytime you require assistance, they will be there to help.

MilesWeb’s support team is highly knowledgeable and understands the dealing factors. You can rely on them for any assistance, anytime required. MilesWeb is also very cheap web hosting company.

MilesWeb’s Linux managed plans start from Rs. 630/m after a 25% discount, and Windows managed plans start from Rs. 1,260/m after the off. According to the package, the resources will be less or more.

As VPS offers 100% dedicated resources, you will get what you purchased. There won’t be any compromisation over the same. That will also provide you with an opportunity to utilize the resources to their fullest and not worry about sharing with other users.

As you are in a fully isolated environment, the security level is high. You don’t deal with any other user. That is also the reason your website boosts performance and speed.

With MilesWeb’s VPS services, you will gain a lot of benefits. Plus, there is easy upgradation. You can switch and upgrade to better plans anytime you want.


Full Root Access – You get complete control over your VPS server. You have the permission to configure, customize and even install heavy web applications.

Free SSL Certificate – Data protection is an essential factor. Every visitor leaves their information on your website, which is why they expect security. An SSL certificate maintains and protects all such information.

Host Multiple Websites – Switch and move all your websites to the VPS server. There is no restriction or limitation in hosting more than one website. You can even allow your clients to rent the server.

Dedicated IP – You will enjoy your own IP Address. You will not share it with other users, which will also increase the originality of your business website.

24/7 Human Support – Enjoy 100% human support at any time of the day. MilesWeb’s team is available every day at every hour. You can reach out to them using their live chat feature.


VPS is a better hosting service as it improves the output of your website and enhances performance. Security is no more a risky factor. That also means you are in a safe environment with no other website hindering your website’s growth.

MilesWeb’s VPS plans are not so expensive. They are reasonable. You also get a 25% discount if you purchase for at least 1/3 years.