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PPC and Relationship Marketing in Medical Cannabis Now

Relationship marketing is a way to build a brand through customer relationships and creating authority over the market. We currently have several global brands that develop relationship marketing and already understand it as a value generator.

Through this type of marketing, personalized service, predictions of buying behavior and the possibility of surprising a consumer become possible.

Relationship Marketing Impacts

In the context of technological advancement we are living, imagine a great brand of this segment that gained prominence only for the quality of its releases. Obviously, quality is a crucial factor in buying a product, but we will see below that it alone cannot raise a brand to a global benchmark in its field. For the Cannabis dispensary ppc marketing this is the best deal now.

So let’s think a little further: besides quality, what makes companies in the same segment more or less desired by people?

  • To answer this question, we need to dig into the possibilities of relationship marketing. Relating to customers exceeds the delivery line of a product because it is not just a good or service being delivered but your brand image. Therefore, in this delivery we can include a feeling, a status and even a lifestyle.
  • It is not uncommon for brands A or B to be associated with certain groups, behaviors and even cross cultural boundaries.

In macro contexts of prominent companies, relationship marketing has its space guaranteed; But in simpler scenarios, this set of strategies also goes unnoticed.

Let’s change segments now: Imagine a small construction company focused on selling products like pipes, slab concreting and metal gutter. Think that in this case, the company is offering materials to build a space and that the design of a place, whether new or refurbished, reflects expectations such as convenience, security, renovation and other feelings related to a home, for example.

Relationship marketing will be the means used to build the relationship with the customer, able to promote a positive image and strategically build customer loyalty.

How to start the Relationship Marketing project?

The first step in developing relationship marketing is the study of the target audience. Understanding what the customer wants is not just about the present but also about what they will want in the future.

A brand that specializes in relationship marketing, more than offering products, sets a trend. By studying the customer persona, you’ll understand where the market should go and invest in that path. Marketing classics work in customer loyalty. The production of content associated with the products sold is an example.


A company that produces highly segmented items, such as residential metal structures or custom-made aluminum frames, can make this subject more attractive and dynamic through content targeted at people who want to build a house or directly at construction professionals.

  • These people need informational material about products, key trends and innovations from the building world, as this attracts them and feeds them needs as they inform themselves. Keeping a blog with this kind of information is a way to keep the customer always in touch with the company brand.

Like content, another crucial point of relationship marketing is the direct relationship with the customer. The company must always be willing to help. Most people, especially in Brazil, have experienced difficulties with call center services when trying to solve a problem.

Poor customer service directly interferes with how a company is viewed by its customer. No wonder large organizations invest heavily in customer service . They know that a moment of anger over the phone can mean one less customer.

Purchase habits and customs research

Many marketers conclude that just providing the customer with a quality product is enough to make their brand known in the marketplace; ledo mistake. The process of realizing a brand goes far beyond that. Empathy is needed to work the way the customer views the company.

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