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Micro coils as a location sensor

Micro coils are a wonder of the modern age. Coils are used almost every gadget, instrument, tool across all industries including the medical field. It is also possible to connect between incredibly small coils and bigger ones without soldering or gluing, but by thermo pressing.

Working of micro coils as a sensor

The most common use of micro coils are as location sensors. To explain further location sensor means that if a person places coils in various positions, for example in locations x, y and z,facing  each other, a magnetic generated broadcast appears and that broadcast transmits to other coils in space. Supposedly if a person place different coils in various position like for X, Yand Z  and later electrical voltage is transmitted through it, other coils in that same space will identify easily whether one of the coils moves closer or further from each other. The use of Micro coils  isn’t limited to location finding. There are wide variety of other usages for micro coils, such as wireless battery chargers, conductors and different kinds of sensors.

Uses of Micro coils as sensor in medical field:

 Surgeries are conducted on a day today basis across the world. But have you ever wondered how the surgeon knows his exact location once he is inside the body? He doesn’t have a clear line of sight. He relies heavily on various machines to tell him exactly where he is at so he could skilfully maneuver in the narrow corridors of the human body. But then the same question applies to the machines at his disposal. How can a machine know the location? The answer is, again, lies in micro coils.

It is important to note that there are other means of finding once location. For example, a camera.

Implementation of micro coils inside the body:

Micro coils play other crucial roles in our day today lives. Patients who have a heart monitor for example, need to somehow charge the batteries. The charge is done wirelessly using micro coils.

The process of charging a heart monitor is the same as wirelessly charging a phone. Same principles apply and, in both cases, micro coils are used.

Micro coils also have another distinct advantage over their bigger counterparts, and it’s their reduced weight.

But this will aspect will be covered in a different article. For now just remember, if you need to know your location, just use three coils.