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Reach Profit Potential by Trading on Technology-Based Online Stock Trading

Computer lovers must be very familiar with this one company. Apart from the reliability of its performance, NVIDIA has now become a benchmark for the sophistication of graphics technology. Not infrequently, NVIDIA is a mandatory target for heavy game lovers or high-level graphic designers.

NVIDIA was founded in the early 1990s by Jensen Huang, Chris Malachowsky, and Curtis Priem. The formation of NVIDIA stems from these 3 people who think that the next generation of computing is judged by graphics.

They believe that computer models like this can solve problems that previous generations of computers could not solve. Moreover, they are obsessed with creating innovations that are a computing problem that has not yet been solved.

Therefore, they thought of creating graphics with high-performance levels so that they can be used for heavy games or activities that require maximum computer performance. With this idea, they judged that it would have high selling power.

Thanks to the tenacity and innovations of these three people, finally the NVIDIA name can be as successful as it is today. Not infrequently, nowadays graphics are one of the very first questions that buyers ask sellers when they want to buy a computer or laptop.

NVIDIA stock

NVIDIA is the largest producer of graphics chips used in personal gaming computers. Over the past few years, this semiconductor manufacturer has successfully adapted its technology to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market and was able to create new businesses worth billions of dollars.

Moreover, NVIDIA further strengthened its position in the AI ​​market when it agreed to buy SoftBank Group’s ARM Ltd chip division for $40 billion. This ARM science is at the coronary heart of the extra than 1 billion smartphones bought each and every year.

NVIDIA’s success also has a direct impact on its shares. From time to time, NVIDIA’s Online Stock Trading has rallied quite significantly. In fact, during the current pandemic, it is predicted that NVIDIA shares will continue to be targeted by investors.

This is not without reason, but because of activity restrictions which have resulted in increased demand for NVIDIA products to support all online activities or just to play games.

In early 2020, NVIDIA’s shares skyrocketed to over 130 percent. In fact, Rosenblatt Securities raised NVIDIA’s share price target to US$500 from US$400 per share. This is also driven by the long-term growth potential of data centers and chipsets.

NVIDIA is currently one of the richest chip stocks with a price-earnings ratio of 95. This gain is more than double the semiconductor group average, which is 30. This makes NVIDIA shares vulnerable to correction on a downside shock, especially when economic conditions and geopolitics are fragile.

How to Trade NVIDIA Stocks?

“So we want to invest in NVIDIA shares so we can profit from its success this year. But confused about investing in Real Stocks or CFDs?” Now no need to worry anymore! You can start investing in NVIDIA stock with us with Contracts for Difference (CFD) which has many advantages. Of course, these Contracts for DIFference (CFD) are based directly on NVIDIA’s stock price movements.

The existence of Contracts for Difference (CFD) allows you to get the potential for profit both ways, both when prices are on the rise, or when prices are declining. With two-way profit, you can use these CFDs as a means of hedging. In addition, in CFD there is also a leverage system that allows you to trade with the potential for profits greater than the capital you have.