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Simple Guide to a Successful Website Rebranding in Singapore

Why Rebrand?

We have seen many businesses go through rebranding. We witnessed how Instagram changed from their vintage polaroid logo to a more modern colorful camera; Saw how Android moved from a whole-body Andy to just its head as their logo. Other big brands that went through this process are Warner BrosFacebook, Google, and Zara.

To rebrand is to re-strategize. Rebranding may be done to make a comeback. Perhaps your business has been losing its popularity and relevance. Further, businesses may also rebrand to connect to a different audience. Moreover, rebranding can also gain you an edge over your competitors.

Rebranding can make or break your business. Therefore you must make sure that this change is done thoroughly and properly.

Tips for Successful Website Rebrand

Rebranding is more than just improving the overall aesthetic of your website. It is your business that goes through the change. Your website is just one channel to display this change. Rebranding involves changing your logo, color palette typography, icons, etc.

Here are tips for a successful rebrand.

Define Your Goal

Having a defined goal will ground your business from flying in every direction. A business that focuses on one direction gets the job done. It would be easier to determine your market and marketing strategy once you have set your goal.

Defining your goal will lead your staff to the path you and the end you envision. During the rebranding process, this will be your guide on why you’re doing this in the first place. After the wrap-up, assessing the new brand about your goal will bring everything full circle.

Show Your Brand Foundation

Your website should portray the essence and soul of your brand. Tell the story of your business through your brand and on your website. How did the company come to be? What do you envision your business to become? Your answers to these questions should reflect on your new brand.

Your brand foundation does not have to be narrated on your About Us page. Rather, every content, every detail of your website should come together to tell the story of your business. Your website is your brand. Your website should be able to convey the essence of your business.

Optimize Content

Before diving headfirst into writing content for your website, plan first. Keyword research is significant. It is important to know which topics and questions people want to be discussed and answered.

Identify the SEO keywords for your intended content. Cover all SEO bases. Make sure the keyword is used in the URL, page title, and meta description. Then dive deeper into creating quality and relevant website content.

Gather a Team of Experts

Rebranding is no easy work. It takes a lot of planning, strategizing, and working to complete. Therefore you must work with a team that will add their individual expertise into the process.

Moreover, you not only need a set of individuals who are masters in their own field, but also individuals who understand and care for the business. Rebranding takes the company foundation into tangible and visible output. Therefore, you need those people who know your company enough to identify their strengths and potentials.

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