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Top 5 Excellent Platforms to Develop Your Web Application

Even though the current generation is embracing mobile apps, the need for web applications has never diminished. Web applications are versatile and they can be prepared on various platforms by implementing different kinds of technologies. For the quick development of a mobile application, you can opt for our augmented team.

Let us get into the top 5 platforms you can consider for web development:

Angular JS

The java-script based platform is developed by Google. The open-source platform is implemented by popular brands including PayPal and Netflix. The web apps developed on the platform offer browser compatibility. You can create large web applications and maintain them very easily. Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and Model View Controller (MVC) are the advantages of the platform.


ASP.NET is ideal for building scalable and durable web applications. It is built by Microsoft and by using Common Language Runtime (CLR), the web application development will be quick and seamless. If there are memory leaks, they can be addressed very quickly. The coding can be written easily and it requires less code to develop large applications.


Developers can make use of the perfect JavaScript-based platform. You can build scalable and large solutions by using the platform. The platform can be learned easily and it has a large active community. Highly extensible solutions can be managed by implementing Node.js platform. The platform is ideal for the development of live- streaming apps and single-page applications.


It is the popular open-source platform used for the development of various kinds of web applications. If you would like to cut down the development cost of the web application, you can go for PHP. Pioneers in the industry such as Yahoo, Wikipedia and Facebook are based on PHP scripting language. There are a large number of PHP frameworks, which include Zend, Laravel, Yii, Phalcon and PHPixie.

Ruby on Rails

It is a server-side web framework written in Ruby and built on Model View Controller (MVC). Even though there are many competing technologies, ROR has become the prime backend framework. The salient features of ROR include Ajax library support, Rails API, customized library and active record pattern. Popular brands that rely on the technology include Twitter, Hulu, Shopify, Slideshare and Fiverr.

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