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The best camcorders in the market: which one is right for you?

While there are set of people who love to capture pictures and videos from their mobile phones, many photography and video enthusiasts prefer to use camcorders when it comes to taking pictures and recording footages. The built-in microphones, large internal memory of the camcorders make it expensive, but offer better audio and video quality than digital cameras and mobile phones. Moreover, some models come with dual memory card slots for simultaneous recording and extra footage storage.

The camcorder is constantly evolving and you need consider plenty of things, such as portability, 4K resolution, etc to make the level of choice clear. Below listed are some of the best models that you can consider investing in.

Sony FDR-AX33

Sony FDR-AX33 may be compact but it doesn’t sacrifice on features. This affordable, portable is a fantastic 4K camcorder. Featured with a Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T lens, this camera include  super-down-sampling 4K shooting, 10x optical zoom, and dual-video recording in either AVCHD or XAVC S, multichannel 5.1 microphone, and low noise CMOS sensor. If you’re looking for a convincing surround sound when playing movie in home theatre, this is ideal. Though you can expect some limitations in low light, this camera is easy to handle as it has the perfect blend of portability and functionality in it.

Canon VIXIA HF R52

The lightweight fully compact HD camcorder is built with an intelligent auto system. It has three inch touch screen or LCD screen that can shoot in 1080p HD video at 60fps. The Wi-Fi connectivity let you to connect to your mobile apps, thereby operating the device remotely. The face-detection feature, 32GB internal storage, and battery life of 2 hours for continuous video recording are some of the key features.

Panasonic HC W850

If there is one thing that’s quite appealing and unique about this device is the dial for manual focus. Other features include 24 megapixels, 1080p resolution of video recording, built-in microphone, intelligent focus mode, image stabilization system, NFC, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity.

Sony HDR CX240

Sony has managed to offer the right balance of design, features, convenience, and value with its CX240. It boasts of LCD viewfinder, 9.2 megapixels camera with 1080p resolution, and other ease-of-use handling features.

The best camcorders combine great performance and exceptional value, but you need to consider the cameras as per your needs and budget. Take a look at some best top-rated camcorders from highly rated brands in the market today.