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The Best Small Portable Generator to buy in 2020

What are the few things that snowstorms, hurricanes, or weather changes have in common? Will all of these can knock down the power supply at home. In some of the extreme cases, you might observe that there is an electricity cut for days. As we see there is vital importance is that of being prepared the entire time. There are several options available in the market, but we have got the ones that you can completely rely on for purchasing it this year. Although the small generators are made in a way for a power outage of a short period, some will make sure that you will remain safe until power is back.

  1. WEN25600i

Now, this small portable generator weighs 48 pounds. This is one of the most lightweight options that you can find. Read in detail about it here. There are several other features that we loved about this specific model. It can provide 2000 watts and 1600 running surge watts. Therefore you will be able to depend on this one for many tasks. It comes with two 120V input, and one 5 V USB. Therefore allows you to run some vital appliances.  This is also a budget friendly option to go for.

  1. Champion Power Generator 46539:

Now, this is the small portable generator that can be considered from the heavier range. It weighs around 124 pounds but certainly one of the best choices that one can make. There is a folding handle and has some amazing features. It will be enough for any kind of emergency situation that you face. This is extremely powerful and you will be able to run it for about 12 hours at 50 percent potential.

Bottom Line:

If you are searching for a good option in 2020, you can be sure that these won’t let you down. These are great for outdoor trips or emergency power cuts at home. They are designed for optimum usage and you will certainly find something that fits your needs. The best part about such generators is that these are highly affordable. Another benefit is that when it comes to maintenance there is less that needs to be done from your part. Make sure that you keep the information manual with you at all times. Any of the issues that you might be facing regarding the operation will be solved in a jiffy.