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The steps involved to make the medical equipment repair technicians

The medical equipment repair technicians work in many different places like the clinics, electronics repair shops, hospitals and also wholesale suppliers. Their main job that they perform is to maintain all the medical equipments, for example- defibrillators, imaging equipments, wheelchairs and also beds. These technicians are common people and not machines so they use a large variety of hand tools, computers, electronic tools so that the equipments keep working in the best way and stay in order for a long time.

In spite of the fact that the medical equipment repair technicians work there best during the business hours, weekends, night shifts and also some on-call. These timing varies according to the workers schedules given to them by their superiors. A very important part of this job is to travel and that could be even long distances. There job is quite stressful and they also have the pressure that they need to complete their work as fast as possible. The various steps that is involved in the medical equipment repair are mentioned below:

  • To earn an associate’s degree- There is a two-year degree program in engineering technology on biomedical grounds. In this the students get a position as a medical equipment repair technician. The program may include mathematics, computer networking, courses which cover the electronics and information sciences. Courses also include the installation, quality regulations, repair and maintenance techniques etc.
  • Gain more work experience– Graduates or bachelor’s degree program can entry the level position and includes the clinic, hospitals, medical supplier and also some related organization. There are new employees to showcase more experienced technicians and provide them training. Two years of experience may be required for higher level positions.
  • Then gets certified– There are three main type of certification. The first one is the Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician (CBET), the second one is the Certified Laboratory Equipment Specialist (CLEB) and the last one is Certified Radiology Equipment Specialists (CRES).

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