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Thermal vs Night Vision Rifle Scope

Night Vision Vs. Thermal Scopes: Detailed Guideline

Whether you choose thermal or night vision rifle scope, you’d better know their differences and peculiarities. To start with they use different technologies: night vision rifle scope perceives the light of natural sources and creates the image, also using IR illuminator if there is not enough light, thermal scope use perceives the heat of the objects and creates the image, without any light needed.

Main Differences

Here are the main differences you may pay attention to when deciding between buying thermal or night vision rifle scope.

  • Price – thermal scope technology is more pricey, but if you add some extra features to the night vision rifle scope, it will be as expensive as thermal one. So, if price is your main criteria, you are to compare your choices in the final set but not the basic one.
  • Light source usage – thermal scope may be used with any light amount at night, while night vision scope is best for night usage with the natural light source. It means that lack of natural light sources may lead to the device malfunction, to prevent which IR illuminator is needed. But night vision rifle scope will be more beneficial in severe weather conditions, such as mist or humidity, while thermal one may not serve in this case at all.
  • Detection and recognition range – detection and recognition range of the night vision rifle scope is far better than of the thermal one, yet it all depends on the light presence and IR illuminator work.

These and other differences are to be studied well before choosing the right night vision device for your needs and desires.