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What can we do when our Nintendo Switch has been banned?

Nintendo Switch has build up the higher wall to protect Switch from being hacked, you are in the risque of ban when you crack Switch, so what’s Nintendo ban and what can we do when our Switch has been banned?

What’s Nintendo Switch Ban?

Nintendo is not really flattered to see its Switch already hacked and the manufacturer is ruthless with players who do not respect its products: several players have seen their console banned from the various online services of the manufacturer.

Nintendo simply ban the console from all of its online services.

When the console connects to the online service with a game, the machine checks the authorization code of the device. This code is unique for each cartridge, game downloaded on the blind and each console. It then becomes easy for Nintendo to identify the duplicate keys used by the hackers … And when the console queries the servers with different keys for permission to launch the application, this is where the ban intervenes.

Nintendo is even able to know if the key included in the game is a sale cartridge or digital format … And for online purchase, a link is also established between the title and the ID of the player who bought the title … So to go back to the users who would have chosen to share their game on P2P networks.

The banned consoles are excluded from all Nintendo’s online services, including access to the user’s account. The Switch will also not be able to update, and therefore not play recent games purchased after the fact and that could force to update.

Super Ban, the other stricter Nintendo ban

Nintendo prevented hacked systems from accessing the eShop and playing online. But it turns out that these bans have been improved to become “super ban”.

Super-ban means that Nintendo completely stops a console from accessing its CDN (Content Distribution Network). When this affects a Switch console, the system can no longer natively access Nintendo’s servers to download archived software and firmware updates again. Now that these restrictions have been put in place for consoles that have already been subject to a regular ban, things will get even more complicated for hackers. Nevertheless, notice that I constantly repeat that these prohibitions affect the “console”. It turns out that the restriction of not being able to re-download games can be bypassed if you use another device, because the current Nintendo account is not completely banned but it seems like a rare event.

How to avoid to be banned while play the Nintendo Switch?

I just heard a situation which take place in one player,

Hello, during my holidays I wanted to play a super mario maker, and by connecting to the WIFI, as soon as I want to access the levels online, the console sent me the error code that I am blocked. Same thing when I go on the market.
after contact by email with the service, they always answer me the same thing,
that my ban is definitive and that I can not do anything ..

but they refuse to give me the reason for the ban, and I have never received an email or anything that tells me that I have been banished: /

I bought the console more than a year ago, but I had to reinstall and I had to check that his account was dissupier console.

I rarely play at the console, the only thing I had done lately is buy mario maker and subscribed to the test of a week to the subscription ..

From the explication of Nintendo Ban, we all know to prohibit from ban, the best way is that

1 Don’t crack your Switch, or if you’ve buy a second hand Nintendo Switch, just be careful whether the console hack or not

2 If you want to hack switch to play free games, just remember don’t connect the net, we know that there are several cfw hacker Nintendo Switch, such as sx os, atmosphere, reinx, etc. But sx os is only the means that can support stealth mode, what does that mean? It means that you can play pirated games online without detecting by Nintendo server, it is less likely to ban by Nintendo Switch with sx os, but it is still under the risque of ban.