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What Is Data Science? And Its Scope In Modern World

The word Data science is familiar for everyone who has basic knowledge of computer and science Data science is a modern method to solve the data-related problem by using scientific algorithms and techniques

In the easiest term, The process of using data to solve the problem statement or to extract information from a different type of data

In any business, Data science discover any fault and fraud by using the machine learning algorithm

History of Data Science:

It used as a replacement for computer science in the 1960s

In 1977 an association started to use modern computer technology and statistics with the help of experts to change data in the information which is useful to make a better decision

People thought it is as similar to data mining But, a decade ago it made known with the term data science from that day till now is considered a different term with computer science

From 2010 Data science is getting its blustering popularity

In Data science number of tools are used in a very disciplined way to gather data and extract important data from them and make decisions accordingly

Scope Of Data Science:

Data science is the most demanding skill nowadays so, the scope of data science is very high in the future

number of data scientists are less than their demand n this scenario the importance of getting data science degree is highly recommended

Several institutes are providing online and regular classes for data science you can search online and can go any of your nearby institutes to get information about Data Science Courses and enrolled yourself in these courses and get a degree and make this your profession as the demand of data scientists is very high You will be hired immediately right after your degree completion by the most reputable companies

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