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The Advantages of Using Computerized Vehicle Parking System


A lot of experts consider an automated or computerized parking system as the future of vehicle parking. They’re praised as the primary solution to the problems in valet situations – from car dealerships, hotel, restaurant and hospital lots or city garages.

A lot of states, cities or companies have already taken the initiative of installing an automated valet method in their lots to make sure that they can offer the best experience possible. This technology is also very useful even for apartment buildings and retail stores.

Once you take a closer look at the benefits of a computerized system, you will understand and know what all the talk and excitement is all about. One of the benefits of using this method is the amount of space it can save. Automating a parking lot is all about conserving and maximizing the number of spots that can be available in small areas and places.

The space-efficiency of multi-level spaces are very flexible and works better with the land and the space that you have, to maximize the usability and minimize the needed square footage to park a vehicle by 85% at most.

Because the CVPS or computerized vehicle valet method removes the need of space-hogging structures like concrete slabs or dividers and ramps, you can now use less land and a lot more cost-effective, it will allow you to add more slots if needed. You can also utilize the extra spaces for green projects like putting trees and shrubs or other non-parking uses.

Another good thing about this system is the effect on the environment. This technology has eco-friendly features that can reduce pollution and minimizes the depletion of certain materials. Other lots and garages require the driver to spend gas and put harmful emissions while using vehicles looking for spaces or idling while they wait for space to become available.

With this system, you can minimize the adverse effect of greenhouse gasses like Carbon Dioxide, Volatile organic compounds and other emissions, by at least 80% because of the automation or computerization of the parking system removes the needs of drivers to waste a lot of time, most especially, gas to park their vehicles by themselves.

The method also tends to involve some construction materials and they can possibly lower the groundwater impact since the structure are quite smaller and it requires less excavation to install. The system can also be made out of high-quality recycled material like steel or other types of alloy.

Automatic or computerized parking systems can offer a lot of security and safety benefits to both drivers and vehicles. The system can provide excellent security by removing open spaces that expose unattended vehicles to thieves.

Since the process is being automated, it will require fewer shadowy areas and empty spaces compared to regular parking spaces and parking lots. Every driver, as well as pedestrians, will no longer have to walk the dark parking space or lots searching for their vehicles.

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It will expose the vehicles, as well as the drivers to potentially dangerous conditions. Automatic or computerized parking method have a well-lit, safe and beautiful area where all the drivers can wait for their vehicles to be removed from the system and making sure that they are well-protected.

It is able to fit in with the surroundings and minimize the visual impact a lot better compared to traditional structures. Because there are a lot shorter and smaller, it diminishes any obstructions and let in more sunlight inside. The external customization will allow the drivers to choose what look they like and what will blend better compared to sizeable concrete valet space or structures.

They are very efficient

Instead of looking for a spot or remembering where you parked your vehicle, the method will minimize the time and effort required for the whole process.

It retrieves and parks your car for you in a couple of minutes. It might strike people as strange that the system will require very advanced machinery, but also a cost-effective solution to the problem compared to traditional parking lots. But not only they are worthwhile when it comes to the environment, effectiveness, efficiency and safety; they also have a lot of surprising benefits when it comes to saving money.

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One of the most significant advantages of the system is construction costs. Since they are small in structure with a lot of pre-constructed parts that you can customize to fit your area or space, as well as fit your needs and construction time, the cost is greatly reduced.

And since the design, a very flexible, these systems are usually built-in wasted or useless locations like narrow in-between spaces or under any existing structures. It can help maximize profitability for the area that would be less desirable or unusable otherwise.

Other benefits when it comes to cost that a lot of people don’t consider are related to liability and lower the risk of using the system. In automated or computerized parking, vehicles are locked and stored away in garages that do not allow unauthorized personnel to enter. It means that the cars in these spaces are locked up and safe until the driver needs them, eliminating the risk of any accident-related damage, as well as vandalism and thieving.

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It will lower the risk of any potential car or property liability and loss. It means that the insurance premiums and tax rates will most likely a lot lower compared to other parking systems that have more responsibilities and cost risk. This type of parking will require less ventilation and light during regular operations, minimizing the cost of electricity.

It also does not need multiple elevators or ramps like in multi-leveled garages. Automated valet also minimizes human staff, removing the need for staff members like valets or regular operators. It is all about saving space, time, environment, money and energy. We hope that the article has the needed information and helps the reader educate about the benefits of a computerized vehicle parking system.