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All in One Android Cleaner with Antivirus, Cleaner and Booster

Every Android phone must have effective cleaning application like Clean Master. Because having a cleaning tool always make sure that your Android phone run smoothly and cleaned from junks. Why junk cleaning matters. Because junks are hard to delete manually. Junks may automatically stack on your phone causing lots of problems like battery draining, loss of performance and storage. Many used to install cleaning application when they are unable to install new application or take photos.

When you go to play store, you will see lots of cleaning applications. Today we are discussed about One Booster. One Booster is one of the best and light weight apps packed with extra features. You can download this cleaning application from play store, AC Market and Aptoide for free. Below listed some of the main features of this application.

Features of One Booster

Junk Cleaner – This is the main feature of this application. You can free up your storage space by cleaning or removing junks like cache files, residuals from updates, app data, app backups, residuals from uninstall apps and games, files from social media apps, files from messaging apps and etc. Removing junks also improve device performance too.

Antivirus – This feature on One Booster application can effectively scan your device for viruses, trojans and helps to protect your privacy. This is not just ordinary virus scanner built in to this application. This virus scanner was certified by TRUSTLOOK.

Boost Android – When your Android phone start to lag and slow, you can use this feature to quickly gain performance boost. Main cause for slowing down your device is less free RAM. When amount of free RAM available is low, device performance is also low. This feature can quickly close all unwanted processers and open applications to free RAM.

Battery Saver – Even new android phones use this feature. Because sometimes quick battery draining is not a problem with battery health. It may cause due to some bad applications and processers on your device. You can find battery power intensive applications using this feature and close or block them. You can also hibernate apps and processers that use battery power even without using the phone.

CPU Cooler – This is feature that helps to cool down your phone. Does your phone get hot all the time without using it? It is due to background processers and applications cause CPU to heat. When the CPU workload increase it tends to heat. Use CPU cooler to close those CPU intensive tasks.

You can install cleaning applications on Windows, iPhones, Android devices like phones and TV boxes. For Android TV boxes like Firestick, Mi BOX S, Nvidia Shield TV and more can use Filelinked. Filelinked helps to install Android APK files on any Android TV for free. For more visit: