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What is email validation and how is it useful for you? 

Email validation plays a prominent role for business firms to reach out to the target audiences. The firms can keep track of the valid email addresses in their list and thus discard the ones which cease to operate. This makes it easier for them to note down the customers and reach out to them with added benefits and advantages.

 Sometimes the subscribers may enter the wrong email address in a hurry and thus it is important to validate the mail address so that the company does not send out emails to invalid addresses or wrongly created. Cheap email validation is provided by several agencies and websites to ensure that the marketing firms can effectively convey their policies and practices to valid customers via emails. 

What is the need for email validation? 

Email verification is the means to check and verify the mail addresses which are currently being used and are deliverable. Verification agencies conduct cheap email validation to check for errors and genuine mistakes in typing the mail addresses or it is a purposeful attempt to mislead the company. They also track down the authentic domain like Google or Yahoo to verify the validity of the email address. This way the companies are spared from sending emails to inactive addresses and save a lot of time and energy in the process. The resources of the marketing organizations are also conserved which keeps the email program effectively directed toward potential customers of the firm. 

How is the process of email validation conducted? 

There are three main steps to validate an active mail address or discard the wrong ones. Many email service providers ensure free validation services to verify the addresses. 

The email validation tools check the authenticity of the emails when you upload the entire list of mail addresses on the server. This is the first step to verify the emails. 

Following the above-mentioned step, the server segregates the mail address as valid, risky or spam and presents it to the company users. The verification of valid mails will complete up to the mailbox level while the risky mail addresses will be discarded as they may present bounce. 

The mail addresses which are deemed invalid either contain some syntax error or DNS error and mailbox error. Hence such addresses are immediately removed from the list. 

What is the usefulness of email validation? 

Email validation is beneficial to companies for various reasons – 

  • It reduces the rate of bounce and increases efficiency in delivering services to the active customers of the organization. 
  • The deliverability efficiency is enhanced and the Sender Score escalates manifold. This is useful for generating revenues. 
  • The resources and time of the organization are saved because they can avoid the wastage of energy and time over sending emails to a large number of invalid email addresses of inactivated users. 
  • The service they provide to the active customers is improved because now the companies can focus on providing benefits to the available buyers and users of the products.