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What is The Difference Between A Domain Name and Hosting ?

Nowadays, websites went from being a complementary option of a business to becoming the main advertising window in any business, regardless of the item.

And it is that with the great activity that people have today on the internet, if a business does not have an online presence it simply does not exist.

This is because it has already become a habit for people to search online for the products or services they want to acquire or the opinions of the companies that offer them.

As today, more than ever, it is necessary for your business to have an internet presence and the first step is to buy domain and hosting.

Despite being a basic and mandatory step there are many people, what are its definition or how they differ?

What is a domain?

The domain is the name that you or your brand will have on the internet. It is a name by which people will recognize you. Obviously, you will put your name or your brand name as a domain.

If you want a brand or company for eg called “Hosting Raja” your computer domain could be called “” for Indian customer or “” to reach globally as you see fit. Also you can purchase individually gTLD or ccTLD type domain for market in specific country.

Now, you know that the domain is your website identity on the internet with which users will recognize you.

Parts of a Domain

The parts of a domain are as follows:

  • Name: It is the name that you will place in your domain, you can put the one you like the most but remember to always check first if the domain you want is free or someone else already uses it, if so you will have to think of another name.
  • Extension: The extensions serve to indicate the turn of our website, for example if it is a community, use “.net”, if it is a non-profit organization “.org”, if it is a business site “.com” In addition, there are regional domains to indicate to which country they belong, for example a Peruvian website can use “.pe” or “”, etc.

The “www” of the Domains

The “www” that usually appear in the domains and that many people want to have in their own domains, is not part of the domain as such and any domain can have it. That is only a CNAME record that makes the “www” work as if It was the main domain.

If you want to have the “www” in your domain and you don’t know how, talk to your domain provider to explain how to do it. In fact, it’s very easy and it’s free.

How to make a Good Domain Name

Use short and easy-to-remember names. Therefore, people will know how to access your site easily since they know the name and write it directly in the browser.

Do not use tildes in your domain, there will be people who will be wrong to write it and you will miss those visits, only use letters and numbers if necessary.

Use names related to your brand and if it is possible that it is a much-requested word by your customers. For example, if I sell apples and my clients look for how to buy apples online, a good domain would be

What is hosting a website?

Now you have registered your cheap domain with a good domain name registrar, but there is a problem,When you try to access your domain through the browser it will not load anything. This is because the domain is only your name on the internet and your job is to show the files on your website in the browser. However, those files need to be hosted somewhere.

This is where Hosting comes into play. Web hosting is that space on the internet where you will host your web files, such as images, text, html and css documents, videos, pdfs, etc.

That space is a specific space within a server or computer (CPU) that is configured to host websites.

How Web Hosting Work?

Now, imagine you have an online storage. There, you can save everything you want (as long as the space is enough). Then, every time someone writes your domain in the browser, the domain will link to the hosting and show the content you have uploaded there.

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