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Why You Should Start Growing Your Facebook Messenger List Right Away

Every business, whether established or just starting out will very likely have a fundamental understanding of email marketing and automation. It doesn’t matter what industry they serve. Having an email strategy and email automation processes in place is a must, it allows businesses to build effective and long-lasting relationships with customers who are interested in their products/services.

Over the years, many marketing techniques have become redundant. Email marketing, however, has remained resilient as one of the most important marketing strategies for every business type. They are effective, affordable, and can be targeted at different demographics.

Facebook Messenger Subscribers

So why build a Facebook Messenger list? 

According to recent reports, over 1.5 billion people actively use Messenger every month. This makes it the perfect tool to engage with existing followers and connect with new supporters. Messenger Apps (Whatsapp, Messenger, etc.) have now surpassed social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in daily usage.

[Graph displaying trend of Messenger apps]

The advanced audience targeting options (interests, lookalikes, etc.) available on Facebook make it quicker to scale a relevant Messenger subscriber list. 

Messenger Engagement & Open Rates

Messenger open rates typically hover around 85% (4X more than email), thereby making it one of the best ways to communicate with your audience.

Basically, you use emails to provide updates and create awareness about your project. However, you’ll need another strategy to engage with your investors, followers, and/or customers. This is where the Facebook Messenger marketing becomes king.

The way audiences engage and digest content within email and Messenger are very different. Emails usually contain long-form content that covers everything you want to talk about in one single message. Unlike email marketing, messenger marketing is a two-way communication process. You don’t send messages, you start conversations. 

Communication Revolution

Facebook Messenger does not serve as a replacement for email marketing. Instead, it serves as a tool that fills the void that cannot be covered by your mailing list.

Messenger is highly optimized to capture user preferences and is easier to digest in a mobile first world. It might take a little muscle to create a Messenger chatbot but the effort is well worth it.

“Our Facebook Messenger subscriber list is 5X more effective than our email subscriber list. We use various promotional techniques, both organic and paid to grow our Messenger subscriber list. We collect a few extra details which allow us to provide a very personal experience, Messenger marketing is everything emails marketing wants to be.” – Sandra Dee, Marketing Manager at Personally Presented Gifts

Whilst email is starting to look seriously outdated, leveraging both email marketing and Facebook Messenger will enable you to create a marketing strategy that engages your supporters, brings on new members, facilitates your customer support team and increases your ROI.