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Field Workers: Lost Without Rugged PCS

Over the past few years rugged tablet PCs have grown rapidly in popularity, now used in a whole range of industries and sectors to cope with ever-changing business needs and demands. Field workers commonly use rugged tablets to enhance their work, and there are many reasons for this, some of which we are going to be discussing today…

From working in the pouring-down rain to having to climb and clamber through small, tight, dark and contaminated spaces, fieldworkers are renowned for having to work in tough environments Rugged tablets have forever changed the way fieldworkers work, enabling them to be more productive and allowing them to deliver seamless workflows and greatest insights to the companies that they work for.

Rugged tablets since becoming available have quickly become a core piece of equipment in almost every fieldworkers tool box with businesses all over the world seeking to create more seamless digital workflows in industries including utilities, telecom, auto manufacturing, transportation and the military.

With rugged tablet popularity showing no signs of slowing down 2022 the rugged tablet market is expected to reach almost $1 billion by 2020, growing at a steady rate of 5.7% per year. Currently leading the market within the rugged tablet community is the Windows 10 and x86 processors however Android is now making inroads due to its support for enterprise workloads,

Rugged tablets offer a wide range of benefits and advantages to fieldworkers and are already vastly improving productivity and streamlining operations in an array of sectors. Here’s a few examples:

Transportation industry – Rugged tablets and mobile devices have forever changed the operational landscape for the transportation, catering for the growing demands of insights to improve fuel efficiency and compliance, and also to track proof of delivery. Rugged tablets allow for fleet managers to track hours of service, driving habits and behaviour behind the wheel, whilst enabling it to be easier for drivers to complete reporting and other important tasks.

Airlines – Within the airline industry maintenance is one of the most critical components. Rugged tablets allow airlines and their maintenance contractors to better manage processes cross their fleets! Rugged tablets are ideal for this industry as they are able to withstand being exposed to drops, shocks, vibrations, rain, dust, freezing temperatures and more.

Warehouse management – A lot of warehouses across the world have now switched to rugged tablets to track their inventories, shipping and inventory consolidation. Rugged tablets are built to withstand the harshest environments, including that in warehouses.

Public protection – A large number of public safety agencies have now embraced the use of rugged tablets and rugged mobile handheld devices, ensuring the level of durability and ruggedness needed for public safety use cases. When using rugged tablets fieldworkers can have confidence knowing that any sensitive data will stay accessible to those that need it and protected from those that do not.

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