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5 Best Techniques To Improve Productivity

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted our lives, especially with all the free time that we now have at home. During these times, it is crucial to make the most of our day so that it doesn’t feel like it’s been wasted. Being productive in general can be difficult, but doing your tasks little by little everyday causes a lot less stress and pressure than doing everything in a short amount of time.

There are a lot of ways to increase your productivity. The first two simple things are either you work longer, or you work smart. For some people, they would much rather prefer to work smart rather than work longer since the latter would entail staying longer in work and less time for themselves. Working smart means being aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and establishing connections so you could ask for help. For example instead of counting the number of words and characters in your article you are writing you can use a character counter to do things faster and quickly identify the total number of characters are already in your article.. It can definitely assist you in completing your tasks in the fastest and most productive way possible. These are the five best techniques to improve your productivity.

Track And Limit Your Time Spending On Tasks

Some people believe that allocating a specific time for a certain task makes them more productive. It is important to track your time because you should not spend too long on one job. After all, it slows down your productivity. You should always have a goal before starting your work. You can use the Pomodoro Timer as a tool to increase your productivity. It can help you with your work intervals and your breaks and how long you need to work for this particular task. 

Take Regular Breaks

The second technique is you should take regular breaks. Taking breaks may make you feel like you’re slacking off, but they actually help you maintain a consistent level of performance.

 We might think that the longer we work, the more we finish, but when you are burned out, you can’t continue to work. Take short fifteen-minute breaks in between to help improve your mood. Drink your coffee, chat with your workmates or get some snacks. 

Quit Multitasking

The third technique is to quit multitasking. It can be tempting to finish a lot of small tasks because you think they are just easy to accomplish. It will only end up with you not finishing anything at all. You should only focus on one task at a time. After you finish one, then go on to the next.

You can lose track of time while multitasking and therefore decrease your productivity. Instead of finishing a task one at a time, you end up with all your tasks half done and not a single one finished. You should make a habit of doing a single task and focusing on it first. 

Take Care Of The Biggest Tasks When You Are Most Alert

The fourth technique is always taking care of the biggest tasks when you are most active.  People tend to set aside the most significant tasks because oftentimes they are the most difficult and time consuming. By the time they go back to that task, they are too burned out from their day to achieve it. Prioritize your tasks by difficulty and urgency. You should start on the most difficult and urgent task so the simpler and less urgent tasks will seem a lot easier to accomplish. 

Not everyone is active first thing in the morning. You should think about when your brain is most active and set the perfect schedule to work around that time. When that schedule comes, then start focusing on the big task and finish it. 

Minimize Interruptions

The last technique is to minimize your interruptions to the best of your ability. Small chitchat from your colleagues may seem harmless at first but the more frequent these types of innocent interruptions happen, the less you will be productive overall. In addition, you might not be in the mood to work anymore. You should minimize interruptions, close your doors, work from home for projects that need all your time. 

If you think you need to increase your productivity at your office, stay focused on the task at hand and reward yourself with short breaks once you’ve made progress. In addition, it is recommended to go to a place where you think that there are less distractions and where you feel most productive like a coffee place or a library. 


Being productive is a very important matter when working. You should always be focused mentally and physically when you’re working. However, every day may not be productive, so don’t beat yourself up over it. Instead, take some time to refocus your energy and remember to follow these five tips. Once you find the energy and motivation to work, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish, not just at the workplace but also life in general. 

Also tracking your time with an employee time clock app can help you stay on task. It allows you to track the amount of time spent on a specific task or project. Using the information gained from tracking time, you can adjust your schedule for the day accordingly.