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Best Details for the Insta Scheduling Now

One of the biggest headaches for marketers and social media has always been programming posts on Instagram. Until that year it was necessary to use third-party tools to be able to publish the posts at a future time. However, along with all the changes on Instagram, there was also a very celebrated function for companies: scheduling content.

The novelty is undoubtedly making many people happy, as it is a complete and official feature. Therefore, to help you do the publishing and scheduling of posts, we have prepared an intuitive step by step below. We also complement with some tips for you to create a perfect planning for this social network. Check out.

Advantages of scheduling posts on Instagram

This function is not only useful for saving your work, but also your time and, consequently, your money. In addition, it also helps to improve your social network strategy. You would need the schedule instagram posts free there.

Understand below some of the benefits that the novelty brought to entrepreneurs:

Time savings: as they say, time is money. Rather than stopping every day at exactly the right time, scheduling Instagram posts allows you to plan ahead and gain a few hours to focus on strategies.

Improved aesthetics: more than any other social network, Instagram is made up of appearances. Many brands take advantage of specific colors, compositions, tones and filters so that posts are unique and easily recognized. This becomes even more useful when scheduling publications, facilitating the observation of the whole.

Increased productivity: switching between screens is no longer necessary. It is possible to program directly from the computer’s desktop, without the need to transfer photos and videos to the cell phone.

Improved engagement: One of the most effective ways to win over your followers is to post when they’re online. To make this happen, scheduling posts is much more convenient.

Hashtags make it possible for Instagram users to find your content, based on what they’re looking for. Thus, using hashtags related to the content of the post is an efficient way.

That way, you’ll be able to attract the right audience and reach more people. However, don’t pollute your post with too many hashtags, use it sparingly.

Make videos, lives and stories

Video posts have the highest overall engagement rate, more precisely 38% higher than image posts. Stories, in turn, already reach more than 300 million active users per day. The lives are great tools to make an urgent promotion, sweepstakes and more.

Knowing all of this, why not use these resources to increase your company’s conversion rate? New sales opportunities may arise if you make the best use of each feature. Enjoy each one of them and spread the word about your content and products so that your followers are interested.

Generate engagement

Now that you’ve learned all these tips on how to sell on Instagram, try to improve your account engagement. Respond to comments and directs, make the user understand that your company also notices his presence. Also, encourage campaigns that boost engagement, such as sweepstakes and discounts, and that require certain interactions on the network.

  • The greater the engagement, the greater your chances of closing a deal.

Any product or service can be sold on Instagram, but for that, it is necessary to take actions that bring results.