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Data Science Course in Bangalore Area Of Expertise

Data Science is like an ocean of opportunities wherein you get a variety of areas to dive into. The never-ending trend and requirement of this field for the world is what makes data science a very great area for expertise. Data science provides an ample number of such great areas and some of these are discussed below.

Data Warehousing and Engineering

Data Engineering widely refers to the job of converting the raw data into something useful i.e. converting into a meaningful format for analysis. This involves collecting the data, managing, handling the resources, quality check, accessibility, and storage of the data science training in Bangalore so that it can be analyzed by other analysts too.

Area of Expertise can be Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Database Developer.

Cloud Computing And Distributed Computing

System and Cloud architecture means to design and execute the system’s infrastructure and platforms that are essential for Cloud and Distributed Computing. The main motive here is to analyze the requirements and make sure that the systems will be in sync and integrated with the software, applications, and business purposes.

Area of Expertise can be Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect, Platform Engineer.

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Data mining refers to finding hidden patterns and trends in the data from already present sources that can be utilized to perform analysis on these data and make predictive models. In simple words, an individual will look at the problem, try to convert it into a data question, and then build predictive models to provide a solution to the findings.

Area of Expertise can be Data Scientists, Statisticians, Business Analysts

Strategies And Business Intelligence (BI)

One of the main responsibilities in business intelligence is to improve and update the back-end data sources so that efficiency, simplicity, and accuracy will be enhanced. Other key jobs in BI include handling dashboards, identifying the opportunities, creating analytics solutions, and carrying out practices like documentation, validation, test design, etc.

Area of Expertise can be BI Developer, BI Analyst, BI Engineer, Data Strategist.

Database Management Architecture

This area is mainly responsible for designing and creating the database, maintaining the data to handle high volume and velocity of data, to configure intricated data transactions for certain services.

Area of Expertise can be Database Administrator, Data Specialist, Database Analyst.

Intellectual Computing Development

Creating robots (or bots) is what majority of people are associated with in data science. This computing development can be considered as an advanced and more intricate version of statistical analysis and data mining. The key focus is on getting the input for the model, creating pipelines for data flow, suitable data sources, and Alpha/Beta testing. After the completion of these tasks, the focus is on making appropriate algorithms and models.

Area of Expertise can be Researcher, AI Specialist, ML Engineer, Cognitive Developer

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All the area of expertise mentioned above have huge career options and a well-settled future one can dream of. To achieve your goal and build your future, data science course in Bangalore  is available to help anyone get to the desired platform.

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